Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Gel Manicure of The Week!

Gel Manicure of The Week

Because manicures make every woman happy! 
This week at The Carriage House Day Spa we went for this GORGEOUS Fall Shade 'Whose Cider Are You On' I love love love unique polish names, and I always wonder who is the lucky person that gets to name all these colors! 

I am still SO very impressed with the Gel Manicure process and how long it lasts on your nails. A good 2 whole weeks with NO CHIPPING AT ALL. And if you are a nail polish junkie like myself, a polish that lasts up to two weeks is similar to winning a shopping spree to your favorite store. It's that awesome.

A few "did you know" facts about Gel Manicures.. 

  1. Your Gel Manicure is dry in only 30 seconds under the LED light --- Yup, I said that !
  2. No chipping & just as shiny as the first day - 14 days later. --- You better believe it!
  3. Your Gel Manicure is a coat of colored "gel" that looks like a polish.
  4. To take off your gel manicure you need to soak your nails in acetone so it's easier to come off, it's magic!

- it's amazing. period.

If you're interested in trying out the famous Gel Manicure, book your appointments at The Carriage House Day Spa at (956)544-4111. Make sure to check out the The Carriage House Day Spa Facebook as well, for plenty of updates & fun promotions! 

What are some of your favorite Fall shades?

Until next time, stay fabuloussss!

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