Sunday, September 20, 2015

Empowering Each Other

Hello darlings! Happy Sunday! :)

How was everyones week? Mine was filled with Vegas. California. My husband. Our friends. & making memories that will last a lifetime! It was such a fun filled vacation! Just what we like :) 

I truly love adventures in unfamiliar places! Don't you? :) 

The one thing I love about my blog:
Getting inspired & sharing my thoughts with the world. Today, I was feeling extremely blessed &  grateful thinking of where I am in life & all that I have accomplished. My passion has truly turned into a business - with lots of hard work! But because of that hard work, it has led to a large clientele & with that comes: success. 

Getting to share exciting news, show my before & afters on clients, previews of my latest photo session, and exciting sponsorships, would mean nothing if I had no one to share them with. Luckily, I have such a huge support system: my husband, my best friends, and my family. 
- you guys too! (: 

We all have that group of people we can text within seconds of finding out something exciting. Those people are the ones that have pushed and supported you from day one. I feel so blessed to not only have my husband + family, but I have my group of girls I can run to, no matter the time of day. They are right there - cheering me on! The same goes when the tables are turned. I love to see my friends succeed at whatever they may be working for, and when they get excited to share great news, I'm right there with my #1 fan sign! 

& that's where my inspiration came from with this post. 

Encouraging each other is so meaningful! If the world had more people shouting out their talents rather than their faults - who knows what the world could be like...

Imagine the capability one would have it we took the time to recognize their hidden talents?

It seriously makes my heart happy when I see others promoting each other. It takes a lot for someone to be selfless and think of others and their talents! When I see an individual helping out someone by sharing their work, their name, their website: whatever the case may be..THAT is something beautiful. THAT is something I admire, and THAT is the reason I am always pushing & reminding others of their talents & what they CAN do and ACHIEVE with their life! When you're at a great place in life doing what you love, you can't help but feel on cloud 9. You want to share it with the world, you want to push everyone you possibly can, because you know that feeling is the most incredible feeling in the whole entire world. 

If someone inspires you; tell them.
If someone is getting out of their comfort zone to do what they want; push them.
If someone is reaching out to you with an idea; listen to them.
If someone is doing great things with their life; congratulate them.

You never know what your words can do for a person. Your words can really uplift their spirits & you can be that push they've secretly been needing to hear!

I hope this inspired you, big or small :) I'll see you in my next post!

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