Saturday, September 12, 2015

Grab your Backpacks, ladies!

Say YES to backpacks & GOODBYE to purses for your next trip!

Hello my lovelies! :) I've missed my blogging in pajamas & reading your comments from all over the world! It feels great to be back! 

Todays topic: Backpacks vs Purses for your next trip!

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Lately, the hubby & I have had the Travel Bug! We've been non stop making new memories and experiencing new adventures all over! Because of that, I've definitely learned what works well & what doesn't when it comes to travel! In the past times, I'd take a huge purse on our vacations - thinking "Perfect! Everything will fit in here!" but then after a few hours of exploring I'm like "Omg, I want to throw away this purse, my shoulders hurt, it's too big!" Other times, I have used the smallest side purse and after a while of shopping, taking pictures, and souvenirs I'm thinking: "Nothing fits in here!" You know how easy it is to just throw something in your purse? And little by little it starts adding up: your phone, keys, bottle of water, map (if you're out of the country) the list can easily add up!

So, after those little experiences I've come down to the easiest way to travel: stylish backpacks! 

Yes, backpacks! For a while, all you would see were school backpacks & nowadays you can find some of the cutest backpacks with great designs, all leather, and even solid and fabric prints! I've seen some great bargain ones & high end backpacks that are absolutely perfect for your next trip!

I took my first backpack to our honeymoon in Paris! 

It was life changing (real dramatic!) but really, it made everything that much easier! To have your hands FREE on vacation was the best! To not have your forearm killing you, to not have your shoulders bothering you, or the "hey babe hold my purse real fast while I take photos!" was the best feeling ever!

Backpacks are so versatile! I love that you can dress up any outfit in such a fun stylish way with them! And the plus side, you CAN fit quite a bit of items in there! But also, they have a good amount of space where you want to pack just the necessities! 

This is my newest "travel" backpack designed by: Badgley Mischka. I'm in love with the quality! & I also love that it isn't too big! Because there are large backpacks out there, but the bigger you get it the more items you're going to want to stuff in there on your trip! So for me, this is the perfect size! It fits just the right amount for the necessities! 

What do you prefer on your trip?
Happy Travels!

I'll see you in my next blog post! Tomorrow is vacation time & this little baby will be riding with us!

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