Friday, April 17, 2015

Rose Among Thorn Gel Manicure

Hello darlings! 

Spring is officially here & bright colors + glitter are looking happy on my nails today! 

Rosie did it yet again, left my nails looking & feeling healthy! Not to and bright!

This week we went for 'Rose Among Thorn' this shade is stunning! It is such a vibrant hot pink shade! The bottle comes off as a reddish pink color, but once it's on your nails - it is more of a bright neon pink.

& of course, we had to add some glitter to my ring finger! 

Ah, there's just something about having your nails done! Makes you feel more put together and adds that little touch to your daily outfits~ 

Look at that glitter ! *big smile*

Rosie always leaves me feeling so relaxed & comfortable! I adore her & admire her hard work. She works on each nail and aims for perfection! 


What is one of your top go to shades for Spring? 

That's all for today girls! I'm off to a weekend getaway with my husband! :)
Enjoy your weekend & make it a great one!

P.s. How was everyones Easter?! FUN I hope! Easter is always so much fun with our families, it's that time of the year when it's fun to be a kid again!

I'll see you in my next blog post! I hope everyone from all over the world, is having a wonderful week! Stay productive & keep working towards your goals!

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