Friday, April 28, 2017

Social Situations Luncheon Event

Hello, hello, lovelies!

This past Monday was extra amazing! My camera tagged along to capture these moments & a few behind the scene photos of this wonderful Event Planners Luncheon, hosted by Clara Zepeda-Loera of Social Situations, located in Harlingen,Texas. 

If I've ever worked with you to help capture moments on my camera or Bridal Makeup on your special day, then you know exactly who I am talking about. I call Clara, my Fairy Godmother, of Wedding Planners! Seriously, if you are engaged, you need to hire her. I can not say enough wonderful things about her work ethic in her profession! 

Clara hosted this wonderful & very planned/detailed luncheon for RGV Vendors she works with on Weddings & special events to meet new & upcoming Event/Wedding Planners all over the RGV. How incredible is that? That is one thing I admire about Clara & her work ethic. 

'There is enough work for everyone!"

Not many people can be confident enough to say that, and I fully believe that. To me, competition should never be an issue. You can always learn so much from other people in the same field as you. If anything, I love to meet individuals who share the same passion as I do. Networking & putting your ideas together is something I love to do, as well as Clara. The world is in your hands if you stay open minded! 

Social Situations is a welcoming place where all your Dream Wedding inspirations can come true! From Photographers, Makeup Artists (hey, thats me!), Florists, Videographers, Photo Booths, Decorations, Catering - the list can literally go on...

Here are a few of us! Let me tell you, it was such an honor to be in a room full of inspiration, hard workers, and witness first hand how passion turns into business! 

There is so much work that goes on behind a lens. You see the aftermath of a beautiful bride walking down the aisle with picture perfect makeup, and every detail from the flowers and coordination all put together. The lighting is just perfect, the cake is positioned just as it would be in a movie, the flower girls know exactly what to do, the champagne is ready to go in their glasses for the toast, dinner is warm as it is served to you, and the exit of the bride & groom is perfectly played out - all of that is because of Wedding Vendors & Event Planners, just as those pictured above. Our passion pushes us & allows us to make magic happen in our very own way & with our very own style! 

It was so wonderful to meet new Event Planners & Vendors. Networking can open up so many doors, and the relationship you can build with fellow hard workers brings your inspiration to a whole different world.

Coming together to meet one another, or for some to catch up, was so great! Clara had such a beautiful set up waiting for us, along with some very yummy food from 'My Cozy Tea Room Nook' by Michelle Barerra - Zepeda. You'll see her detailed work in the photos down below where the food & drinks were set up. Her set up was soo cute!

What a fantastic turn out that was! I can not thank Clara enough for putting this together and including me in this wonderful event! I left there feeling so inspired & so determined to keep working hard because when opportunities like these come up..they make you stop and think "Wow, did that just happen?!" 

Just imagine the other opportunities that are just waiting to happen~ I know there are great things out there for everyone, you just have to keep doing what you're doing, and work hard...because you never know who you are inspiring & you never know what will happen!

Until next time, thank you for reading!

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