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Kylie Cosmetics Makeup Look + Review

Hello hello, readers from all over the world! Wow, I haven't been on this sweet blog of mine since ATX! A lot of HUGE changes have happened! If you follow me on my other social media sites, you know what I'm talking about...if you don't..well I have some life changing news.

I'm PREGNANT! *cries out of happiness* That's right, a little Asian baby BOY is growing healthy inside of me! Omgosssssh, it's been one smooth pregnancy journey, Thank God! I'd loveee to start posting more 'baby related' posts, if you all don't mind ;) 

I'll leave the rest of baby talk to a dedicated post soon! I already know what I'll be writing about, so stay tuned for that!

Today, we're talking about Kylie Cosmetics. Now, before you hit X at the top, because I'm sure you're over hearing about this - this is my first time trying out her eyeshadows & I'm pretty excited to blog about them! So, if you're interested..keep on reading, girlfriend!

The Royal Peach Palette Makeup Look & Details 


Transition Shade: Sandy

Outer eyelid: A mixture of Sorbet + Seashell

Eyelid: Duchess *such a pretty color!*

Waterline & lower eye lid: Royal 

Blended all colors with: A little bit of Peachy

My first thoughts as I opened the package: "Good job, Kylie."
I was impressed with the quality of the packaging. It doesn't seem cheaply made & is a very good size for an eyeshadow palette. I think it's great that it came with an eyeshadow brush as well, that's helpful for anyone wanting to try out a new palette but may not have a brush to work with. Also, considering a high end makeup brush can range from $20-$50 that's a nice addition! The mirror on this palette is SUPER clear & is a pretty big size. 

 *photo from*

Smell: Yes, I like to smell my cosmetics. lol. Even more so, I've read countless reviews over the 'terrible chemical smell.' I'm not going to lie, is does have a not so pretty scent. I wouldn't use the word terrible, but definitely has an off smell. Nothing that gave me a headache at all. To be honest, wearing it all day - I never even noticed it once.

Pigmentation & blendability: When I first swatched these shadows, like I'm sure all makeup lovers all tend to do, I thought "pretty good." Not as high pigmented as I thought they would be, but the way they worked on my eyes were a different story. Once I primed my eyes, the color pay off was very good. They blended beautifully! Which is always a plus for the eyes! I had zero fall out as well - yay! I was SUPER impressed with how long they lasted on my eyes, with no creasing too. I started this makeup look around 3pm & by 9pm - they were still going strong! Yaaaay! These colors also photographed pretty well! I'm pretty picky about which palettes I use on my clients, I have to personally test them out on myself a couple of times. If a client of mine wanted a peachy look, I'd feel confident using this palette! :)
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Cost: $45 
Do I think this palette is worth $45? For the color pay off, the large mirror, the eyeshadow brush, and quality of the packaging. Most definitely. I'll be purchasing more of her Kyshadows! I would assume, after all the reviews over the "chemical smell" they'll improve that part in the future. So we'll see, but so far, I'm enjoying this palette! I'm excited to play around with more makeup looks! 

 *photo from*

I hope you all enjoyed this post & my makeup look! I'd love to hear your feedback if you've tried out this palette! Make sure to stay updated with me on my Twitter & IG down below! I'll see you on my next post!

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