Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Hello, from Austin! Weekend outfits of the day!

Hello, from my home office! 

This past weekend I was in the beautiful Austin, Texas~ 

For what you may ask?
My BFF Debbie & I decided to surprise the crap out of our other BFF, Vannia! It was a very successful surprise that came with balloons, music, and her favorite coffee from Starbucks! She cried  happiness & we had our very fun girls weekend - talk about mission accomplished!

Just look @ her face : pure joy! 
I love planning outfits around trips! 
Things I ask myself as I pack:
Will I need comfy shoes and yoga pants?
Sandales and dresses?
Boots and scarves?
Layers of sweaters?
Hats & big sunglasses?
Swimsuits & coverups?

When I was thinking of Austin for Fall I thought:
booties, floral dresses, hats, a blazer, and lots of fun jewelry to accessorize ~ 

Side note: Is it not a wonderful feeling to have the support of your loved ones for your blog?!

My husband is usually my photographer for all my outfit posts ::sigh:: (: 
This past weekend, I casually, out of no where, asked Debbie if she would help me take some "outfit photos for my blog!" without ANY hesitation 'LET'S DO IT FRIEND!" & that is why I love her! I love that I can share my excitement with my friends. So, I owe these photos to her! 

The look: Extra comfy floral dress that is light weight and easy to move around in! I actually added the belt from another dress since this dress was a bit over sized and needed a little something around the waist line! I paired this dress with a hat & gray booties! I ended up wearing dark green earrings for a pop of color~ 

The blazer.

I've worn this blazer in so many different ways! Skinny jeans, high waisted jeans, jean skirt, and boyfriend jeans! That day, since it was in the high 80's I decided to pair it with some khaki shorts! I didn't feel like wearing my hair up, so the hat made its appearance again!

Keep Austin Weird.

"Let's go buy matching shirts!" Why not, right? Yes, we are those friends that aren't afraid to wear something funky/matching/weird. When you're in ATX for a girls weekend why not have some fun with it, am I right?!

The cut off shoulder.
Cut off shoulders will always be fun for me, I feel like they can instantly dress up your wardrobe! 

I hope you all enjoyed this outfit post ! I've been getting great feedback on all my posts, so thank you to everyone who takes the time to read my blog - means more to me than you think! 

Have a productive week ~ Until next post !

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