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The TOP 3 Areas You May Be Forgetting To Moisturize

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I'm sitting here with some hot green tea, a messy top bun, glasses, and some inspiration for today's blog post! Every post comes from that spark of inspiration for me. I never force myself to blog, I let that kick come in and that's when the excitement takes over the keyboard! I hope you're ready to learn just a little bit about skin care! Let's get started, shall we?!

P.S. How is it October already!? Cliche as it sounds, the months are running past us! 

The top 3 areas you may be forgetting to moisturize & care for! 

It comes natural to us & we hear it all the time "Take care of your skin!" "Don't forget to use your sunscreen!" That's important & deep down we all know it is - but how many of us actually take the time to do so? Naturally, we tend to care for our face more. Makeup wipes, masks, eye cream, face wash, the list can go on & on, but did you know the top of your hands, your neck, and your décolletage are just as important to care for? 

Did you also know that your décolletage is one of the FIRST places to show signs of aging?! 

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Your Décolletage 
Our chest area is very thin & easily forgotten with sunscreen, so damage can and has been getting done to that area! Whether you're wearing a v-neck, tank top, or sundress, that area is getting exposed more than you realize. It's best to treat your chest area as you would your face. Even on dull cloudy days, your skin is still being exposed to UV rays. Those few extra minutes will help out in the long run. We can't avoid getting wrinkles or show signs of aging. We are all going to be there one day, but why not age gracefully knowing you took the best care of your skin! :) 

The back of your hands.

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I've been in the habit of applying sunscreen to the back of my hands Every. Single. Day. Yes, I'm not exaggerating one bit girlfriend! Our hands are quick to show signs of aging as well - sun damage is our enemy! Do you know how much sun exposure our hands get just with driving? TONS! 
The sooner you start getting into a routine, the sooner you're on your way to taking better care of your skin..It will come natural to you. Like a lot of things you don't want to forget about doing in the mornings, keep a sunscreen moisturizer on your bathroom counter. It will only take a few seconds to add some on your hands and moisturize away! 

Your neck

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While many women are concerned about wrinkles & age spots on their faces, a lot of the time our neck gets neglected. I'm sure you've heard "don't forget to bring down your moisturizer to your neck, as well!" Most skin care routines tend to end on our chin area, while avoiding the delicate area on our neck & chest. The skin on our neck & décolletage are very fragile compared to our faces, and fragile skin is more likely to get damaged & show more signs of aging. Lines on our neck area are a given, we all have them, including me! Just because we have them already, doesn't necessarily mean we should stop taking care of that area! 

Don't be alarmed if you haven't been caring for these 3 areas I talked about. Now is better than never to start putting in that extra time to care for your skin, and by extra time, I don't mean 45 mins. All it takes is a few minutes a day to apply your sunscreen moisturizer, you deserve to take care of that skin of yours! 

I hope you beauties enjoyed this post, I'll see you in my next one~

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