Thursday, August 25, 2016

My New York Outfits of The Day

Hello, hello, lovelies!

I'm stoked about this blog post! My husband & I just got back from a little getaway to the city that never sleeps..New York City! NY is stunning, we fell in love with the big city. We took advantage of every minute we were there & explored as much as we can!

...doing everything we can to see all of NY actually inspired me for this blog post! I knew we were going to be doing tons of walking & sightseeing and we prepared ourselves by packing extra comfy clothes that are light weight and made sure we brought some really comfy shoes as well! And we're glad we did, because we were out hours at a time & on our feet all day, it was so so worth it.

I thought I'd share some of my "NY street fashion" outfits. The outdoor beauty over there is so inspiring, it makes you want to jump in front of the camera for blog photos~ & that's exactly what we did.

The Boyfriend Jeans. The most comfy pair of jeans I packed.
 I purchased these from but you can basically find them everywhere! These are by far, the most comfy, yet stylish pair of jeans I have. If you're into these types of jeans, you can easily pair them with a plain T, some accessories, cute shoes and out the door you go.

One day I styled these jeans with a plain white V neck, a navy sleeveless blazer, and my most comfy faux leather slip on shoes. I packed 'the little red purse' to be the pop of color for the week. 

Dresses are the easiest clothing item you can dress up or dress down on vacation. 
One day, I wore this fun burnt orange dress (sadly, we didn't get any other photos that day of this lol) 
I added a fedora hat just for fun and a belt to cinch up my waist since this dress was a little loose on me.

Summer time is still here & strapless tops are always light weight & keep you cool for eventful days~

First of all, how cool is this background?! Graffiti walls are huge in NY! You can just stand there & stare at them for hours!

This is one my favorites. I purchased this from Nasty Gal a while back but it is still dear to my heart! I love how light weight the material is! My trusty fedora hat (that never flies off - except that one time when we were near the metro) and that simple braid was how I styled that blouse. I wore another pair of extra comfy jeans....& those shoes I'm wearing..those aren't mine, they're my husbands! Yup, you read that right. I felt like wearing sneakers that day since I was living in my slip ones and flats, so I worked with what I had and stole his shoes, lol.

Jersey pants are my go to when "comfortable outfits" are on my mind (perfect for travel!)

I purchased these fun pants from H&M! I've styled them in so many different ways, which makes me love these pants even more. For this trip, I paired them with a simple white blouse that I tucked in. I added a fun necklace & my trusted slip on shoes were my choice for that day.

Coming home outfit = grab a long sleeve you can tie around your waist...
When it comes to traveling back home, you're in and out of the airport with possible delays & siting for hours. You want to make sure you feel comfortable with what you're wearing. Flights are usually cold, and I like to put on a cardigan or light jacket I may have. This time, I used a light weight flannel I added to my outfit and it was my blanket for the trip home. Simple & useful!

Kudos to my supportive & wonderful husband for helping me create these photos for this post! He is always the photographer behind any of my blog post photos. I adore him & appreciate this man more than he'll ever know! His support for everything I do is a feeling I will never be able to explain in words...

Cheers to you, NY. Thank you for opening up our eyes to another memorable trip we'll never forget.

I hope you all enjoyed this post, I'll see you in my next one!

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