Friday, July 22, 2011

A lovely wedding...

Hello cutie pies! Not too long ago I attended a beautiful wedding :) For once, I wasn't the crazy photographer running around...I got to ENJOY it ! It was a BLAST..I wish I would have gotten MORE photos on my ENTIRE beautiful dress - but I was on the dance floor way too much that I didn't get a complete shot of my dress :( But I wanted to show you all my makeup, hair, and half of my dress - ha. I did my own makeup ...along with 5 other girls' makeup :) I kept it classy.. thick eyeliner.. some shimmer..and sexy red lips.. My dress is Gianni Bini was only 30 bucks on clearance (amazing) && Jessica Simpson shoes.. (that I didn't take a photo of ..Bad Tasha!)

Photo up above was a close up of my hair && makeup :) I kept my hair very simple as well since my dress had a lot of attention to the (boob part) haa. I did black nailpolish and a gorgeous ring that you don't get to see in the photo.. lol..

&& this was how the wedding ended.. My friends && I went a LITTLE bit crazy in the photobooth :) ..excuse my strange faces.. it was a blast.. it's photos like these that make my heart jump for joy!


"This life is far more beautiful than you can ever imagine..."


  1. The bigger lips plumper results last all day or night & takes only 3 minutes to completeBigger Lips

  2. I love a classic red lip for weddings. Too bad you couldn't take a picture of your dress, I bet it was lovely. :)

  3. Thank you sweetheart <3 I wish I had tooo :)


  4. I love the photobooth at weddings, I think its such a good idea and such good fun!! It looks like you and your friends had fun in there!! haha.
    Following you now, can't wait for your next post!
    Sam xx

  5. Thank you Sam, we had a BLAST !
    I want 10 photobooths at my wedding :) haa, thank you for following - I am now following you as well.

    Tasha, <3


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