Friday, August 5, 2011

A few items purchased :)

Hello my little beauties. I bought these lovely items a couple of days ago && thought I'd share them with you :) I am loving these items. Enjoy. The above blouse I got from Forever21. It's adorable & isn't so see through like most white blouses I believe this blouse was ONLY 10.95 .....

My cute little country dress that I have worn already && absolutely loveddd it on. I was so comfortable in it & everyone was complimenting it :) It's such a cute dress to dress up or even dress it casual. I got this cute dress at Agaci' for about 21 bucks :)

I'm in LOVE with this blouse. It is so flowy and looks so classy on :) I wore this beauty with a fitted black tank top & hair up messy. I wore it out one night to the island. It was the perfect outfit. I got to play around with my eyeshadows & it looked fab. :)

A cute simple tube top. You can never have enough tube tops. I love them when I'm on the go, something quick && easy but still looks put together (: I got this piece at Forever21 :)

I've always heard such great reviews over this moisterizer so I decided to purchase it - so far I'm loving it. I only put this on in the mornings before I apply my makeup :) At night time I put on a different night cream for my face. I got this at Target for only about 8 bucks!

A lovely frame. If you've kept up with my blog you now know I am obsessed with quotes. I found this little item at Tjmax...for ONLY.....(drum roll) 3 bucks :) I love it. It's inspiring.

My favorite necklaces. <3

I hope you lovely ladies enjoyed my little post :) I'm loving them and my closet is very happy.

I was thinking of doing a post of my daily night routine when it comes to cleaning my face.

If you guys are interested I'd love too.

Leave me lovely comments.


Tasha Marie

This live is too beautiful to not be captured on film.


  1. Great buys!

    Need to bust into forever21 for some bargains.

    Your stunning btw, x

  2. Thanks sweetheart, my heart jumps for joy every time I enter Forever :)



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