Friday, September 30, 2011

Girls night out & outfit of the night.

Hey dolls,
A couple of nights ago we had a girls night out to celebrate one of our girl friend's birthday :) We all had a blast, and getting dolled up is what we love to do. My lovely glitter skirt I got at Charolette Russe for $22.99, top is from Forever21 for about $15, necklace is also from Charoletter Russe for $5, and big blue ring from Forever21 $4. Anything I'm wearing all black I love to wear a huge ring so it stands out : ) I love these ladies, I'm truly blessed to have the girls I have in my life.. these are only a couple of the girls. I've known these girls since middle school. Hope you girls loved this quick post.

Natasha Marie

p.s. I've been doing an insane amount of shopping lately, TONS of blog posts are coming up soon :) Ive just been extremely busy! I just wanted to do this quick post for you all of my outfit hope you all enjoyed! xo.

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hello, dramatic green eyes!

Hello DRAMATIC green eyes!

I did this lovely look with the fabulous 120 palette :)
It's a little dramatic - but with makeup - you have to always try different things! You shouldn't be scared of color, shouldn't think "that's not me" or "I can NEVER pull that look off" ...YOU CAN PULL ANY's all about how you apply the make up. Have confidence, and show the world you are beautiful in your own skin.


Hi my gorgeous beauty bloggers,
I have some of the greatest news ever :) Actually, a few of my lovely bloggers that follow me on Twitter already know the news! If you would like to follow me click here ---> TWITTER
for updates :) Let's start from the beginning but I'll make it short - I was walking around the mall & this lovely lady from Dior stopped me to stare at my makeup; she was amazed, she kept asking if I had gone it done, if my lashes were fake, what makeup I use..etc..and then said "I want you to work for us" MY HEART STOPPED. She got my information down..a few weeks after that she called me in for an interview (and to bring a friend/family member to do a make over on) I ended up taking the little sister with me..(I was NERVOUS, excited, scared, butterflies everything you can possibly think of) sat my sister down - did what I knew to do ..MAKEUP! they loved it, took photos..a few days later ANOTHER PHONE call..2nd interview with the Account Executive from Dallas,Tx was flying in to interview me & see what I'm capable of doing. I went in looking my best, I did my make up as flawless as I possibly can! She came in with another important beautiful lady (which was in charge of all the training and explaining all the products) I was very intimidating and nervous! Especially when I was told I had to do a makeover on the expert trainer! I sat her down & did what I love to do! Long story short - she loved it ! The Account Executive loved it as well. I explained a little about myself..talked about my passions, dreams, goals, my blog, my beautiful followers, my facebook.. everything. I am now apart of the Dior team & I couldn't be MORE proud of myself! I was on cloud9. I am now their Freelance make up girl :) I will be helping out on events (also selling their fragance, skin care, anything dealing with Dior) but my goal is to sit a customer down make her feel BEAUTIFUL & enjoy the gorgeous Dior products! I can't believe it. Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend my 1st event with the Dior team! It was very inspiring! Meeting their top make artists, watching them do what they do best (makeovers) was incredible! I hope to one day be there! I was lucky enough to do a make over on a customer and she LOVED it.. she ended up buying a few of the products I used on her & having her give me a hug at the end & telling me she felt beautiful made my day!! I am so excited to see what else is in store! I will be blogging a lot more on their new beauty products, swatches and everything in between! Thanks for reading girls!
How exciting is this !?!?!?! It's a dream.


Natasha Marie

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Help me support my lovely page!

Hello my beautiful bloggers!!

I have some exciting news I would LOVE to share with you. I have finally set up my photography page on Facebook! I will be posting ALL my work, updates, and fun photo sessions! I have just recently posted up my page I would LOVE if you ladies would please help support my page - all you have to do is "LIKE" it for me :) It would mean the world to me! I love to share my work with the world ! You girls will be able to support my passion :) I'm so excited & I feel this will open the door to so many opportunities!

Natasha Marie Photography

Just click the link above to get to my page!

It would mean the world to me :)

Thank you dolls, so much !


Natasha Gutierrez

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New lipsticks & swatches : )

Hi beauties,
I just recently purchased these lipsticks/lipglosses & wanted to share some photos/swatches with you. I'm loving these colors! I've already used the Smashbox lipglosses during the day & have gotten tons of great compliments. The two Smashbox lipglosses I purchased at Sephora. The 1st lipgloss is called TEASE & the 2nd one is called CANDY. They have a great smell to them also :)

This gorgeous nude Lancome lipstick I purchased at Dillards; I'm not quite sure the price but if I find the receipt I'll post it. This color is so natural looking, definitely my favorite nude for now. This color is called Camisole Shimmer :) Here's an up close photo & a swatch will be at the end of the post.

This hot pink Revlon lipstick is beyond gorgeous, it's very pigmented & stayed on my lips for hours :) I've worn it out already - definitely a hit. I purchased this lipstick at Target for LESS than $5 with tax! Great deal huh?! :) The name of this lipstick is called Pearl Fusion. Here is an up close & swatch will be at the bottom.

& here are the swatches from top to bottom

1.) Revlon - Pearl Fusion 657, purchased at Target.
2.) Lancome - Camisole Shimmer, purchased at Dillards.
3.) Smashbox - Candy, purchased at Sephora.
4.) Smashbox - Teasel purchased at Sephora.

Hope you girls enjoyed this blog post with wonderful swatches.

Leave me your lovely comments.


Natasha Marie

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My 3rd Wedding I photographed. Enjoy.

Hi my gorgeous blog beauties,
I was looking through my portfolio & realized I haven't shared these photos with you. This was my 3rd wedding I was so honored to have been hired for. The feeling of someone wanting you to capture their moments that are going to last a lifetime is mind blowing. It is probably the greatest feeling in the world besides a shopping spree to your favorite store. These were a few of my favorite shots. Looking through my portfolio and viewing my work from the past 3 years is the biggest accomplishment & I know this is just the beginning. I hope you girls enjoyed this short post.


Natasha Marie

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Monday, September 19, 2011

New Make-up Case :]

Hey dolls!
I wanted to share with you my lovely new purchase I am so happy with :] My new make-up case! I've been getting very inspired lately to really go after what I want. After the Dior meeting, this past Glam Party I was hired for, future make up trials for 15eras & weddings - I am blown away & so grateful. I feel it was finally time to invest in a make up case. This is it, isn't it gorgeous? I am so in love with it. I have already used this for the Glam Party in my previous post but this photo was right when I purchased it :) I will do another post showing how it looks full with my products. I got this makeup case at Target for $33 - I was planning on going to Sally's but I figured they would be far too exsepensive & for now I think this is good. The quality is unbelievable :] It's the only reason I considered purchasing this item. I am very happy with it & wanted to share it with you guys :] My first time using it was for the Glam party. I put a few fun products in there since I was going to be working with little girls. But soon I have up coming make up trials for weddings & I will post all the important products I keep in my case :) It was so inspiring seeing my case filled with my collection. It made me want to continue to put myself out there and share my talents with the world. Hope you ladies loved it as much as I did.


If you would like to view more of my make up photos, inspiration quotes, and daily photos feel free to add my facebook page - a few of my followers have already joined & it's so much fun to keep in touch with your girls :) my fb badge is on the right side & it will take you to my page.

Natasha Marie

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Glam Party.

Hey dolls!

So I got a wonderful opportunity to work this adorable Glam Party! I was hired to be the makeup artist for the little girls & the photographer. I had such a blast, these little girls were adorable! They were so excited and their jaws dropped when they saw how much makeup I had :) I also took my sister with me she was my little assistant. She was working on the nails once I was done with makeup on each one. This was such a fun job! I am truly grateful for this talent I was given. I believe every opportunity opens up the doors! Following my dreams feels amazing! I hope all you ladies never put yourself down & always know it really is possible to achieve anything you want. I can't wait for the future. Hope you ladies enjoyed this post.

Natasha Marie

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mini Target Haul.

How lovely. New items to play around with. I've tried the Salon Effects already and I'm in lovee. I'm hoping they last at least a week :) The new book I purchased caught my eye. I love books that inspire me, and this was definitely it. I can't live without my face wipes they are a must, every single night I use a makeup wipe on my face to really remove any dirt, oil and left over makeup :) Hope you guys enjoyed. This is a quick post :)

Natasha Marie