Monday, January 23, 2012

Mini Target Haul.

Mini Target Haul

hey gorgeous readers,
Here's a quick post on a few items I picked up today from Target. I loveee Target, I'm always putting things in my basket that I don't even need...but definitely WANT.

I finally got my hands on these..&& it was a plus because they came in a double pack! This lip products are lip moisturizer that are tinted and come in clear as well.
The clear one (blue bottle) is called Quenched.. I've already opened up the package and I lovee the way my lips feel already! The pink tinted one is called "Pink Punch" I've tried it out already also, it has a nice pink tint to it. This product was $5.99, which was good..$3 for each :) I'll definitely make a repurchase on these for sure!

I'm a huge sucker for any hair treatments, I love love taking good care of my hair. I found this Dove daily moisture treatment and I'm excited to try it out.
This is a daily leave in conditioner to help damaged hair..I straighten my hair so much & I know it's not very good for your hair so I loveee a good leave in product. We'll see how this works! It smells amazing.

From left to right.
Such a pretty light green color. Definitely an "apple tree" color! I don't have a nail polish this color so I had to bring it home to me !

I've wanted this nail polish so badly! Every time I would go and look for it, it has always been sold out. Today was my lucky day. I love how much glitter this product has.. I'm so excited to try it out ! I'll definitely post photos when I try this out.

NICOLE by OPI Clear Top Coat

My original Sally Hansen Top Coat was ready to be thrown in the trash already since I have used up all the product! I found this lovely one today and wanted to give it a try. Top Coat is always important to p
ut over your nails to prevent chipping!

300 " Walk on the Beach "
Loreal has a brand new line of nail polishes out ! They had so many pretty colors!
Today I just got a nude color since I have been on a hunt for one! It's gorgeous, I'm excited to try them out! I don't remember the price but I know it was less then $6 :)

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation
I loveee trying out new foundations! I have such a huge variety - from high end to drug store. I got this foundation in 80 Medium Beige, I had a coupon for any Neutrogena product so I ended up only paying I believe $7 for this one.. (originally $11.99) I've always heard such great reviews on this one so let's see how it works out & I'll definitely do a review on it soon!

Neutrogena Moisture Shine Gloss
I've tried one of the Neutrgoena glosses before and I was so impressed! My lips felt so smooth all day long. This is also a lip protector but has a shimmery tint to it as well. This color is called "Natural Boost"

Revlon Lip Butter
I've been obsessed with these lately ! Cotton Candy is probably my favorite. I am beyond impressed with the quality of these lip butters ! I picked up another one today in "Candy Apple" it was a gorgeous red tint to it. These are at such good prices you can't beat them.. they are priced at $6.99 I believe.. but I believe at CVS & Walgreens they may be a little more pricey. This are always a must and recommend these for sure !

Sally Hansen Salon Effects
I've always always always been a huge fan of the salon effects and now they are coming out with so many designs! I picked up this one today it's called "Lust-Rous" You can't tell so much in the photo but they have gold & silver sparkles over a black top coat. I've never been disappointed in these, many people aren't a fan of these but they have always been on the top of my list. These are about $9 - I never get tired of these ! :)

Hope you all enjoyed this small post !

Natasha Marie

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Jewelry Organization!

Jewelry Organization

Hey darlings! Recently, I have been jewelry left & right as if I'm holding my very own jewelry showcase. I'm a big fan of accessories, the biggest. I feel that they are such a good statement. You can always dress up any simple outfit and make any glam outfit pop out even more with any wardrobe. The photo above is how I keep MOST of my jewelry (I have tons scattered all over my computer desk as well) but for the most part I have them on my vintage jewelry case my Grandma gave me. One of my presents for Christmas was this vintage looking jewelry holder that my Mom gave me && I probably put it to good use! I took a few photos to give you guys some organization tips :)

These are MOST of my rings..(some are at the bottom of my purse, my car, my computer desk..) yes, I have millions. I 'm a huge ring person.
I'm actually on a hunt right now for a vintage looking bowl to keep my rings but I really like how I am able to view all my rings on top of my jewelry box. I just have such a large amount that I'm looking for another way but the way I keep my rings right now - I'm loving it.

This is the new jewelry holder that is happily in my room now. I love how vintage it looks.

& here's the finishing project! I didn't want to over do it with of course all my necklaces but I wanted to keep my smaller ones on here and the ones I usually wear a lot more during the day. At the bottom I have a few nail polishes that I have been wearing a lot lately. I love the way it looks on my night stand. I have a candle that I have placed in front of it and some fashion books I keep behind it.. I have this right next to my night stand. I'm really loving it. I'm also keeping the rings I wear the most on here as well. You'll see more up close photos down below.

I'm still not done completely organizing all my jewelry but for the most part - this tiny project of fixing up my jewelry holder worked out pretty well. I hope this little post helped you guys get a little taste on jewelry organization!

On another fun note,
I've recently been getting so many messages on tons of random questions - a big thank you for all of you all that take the time to email me on anything.

If you all have any questions at all feel free to email me anytime.
Questions on makeup, photography, relationships, life, anything and everything. I love love love with all my heart giving advice.
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Email me your questions dolls. xo I love hearing from all of you all & I always respond :)

Life is treating me well. This year has started off wonderful. I've been booking shoots and networking tons. For my new followers that didn't know - I'm a freelance photographer!
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Plenty of more blogs coming soon, if you all have any request feel free to drop a comment or email :)

Natasha Marie

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Nails. Nails. Nails.

hey lovely dolls,
Here is a quick post on some of my nail polishes of the month that I have been loving.

Top photo:
MAC: Immortal God
I received tons of compliments when I wore this nail polish out. It was my first time using any MAC nail polish because I have always thought they were very overpriced. ($14.50) but I gave in and finally purchased one. It's such a unique color..I love love love it. It's a dark green with a light yellow under tone. So gorgeous.


This is such a fun night time nail look. Dark silver with tons of glitter.

NICOLE by OPI: Wear Something Spar-Kylie
This was also another brand of nail polish I have never tried & I was really impressed. It lasted a good week without any chipping at all and thats because at the time of doing my nails I couldn't find my top coat. The glitter was just the right amount and wasn't as hard to take off as usual glitter nail polish.

I've been picking up tons of new nail polishes lately so I will be posting up tons of more nail polish looks soon :)

Hope you all enjoyed this quick post.

Natasha Marie

Monday, January 9, 2012

Mini Target Haul.

hi dollls.
I picked up a few items yesterday from Target & wanted to share them with you. I've been on a nail polish hunt! Ive been getting tons of new nail polishes! You can never have enough nail polishes :) So let's get started on my new wonderful items!

The famous YES TO CUCUMBERS hypoallergenic facial towelettes
( Best of Beauty Award Winner in Allure Magazine 2011 )

I'm always always always trying out new make up remover towelettes. This is my 2nd time purchasing these, I love them. They leave your skin feeling ( & smelling ) so FRESH. These little babies are ONLY $5.99 for 30 sheets :) which is a great bargain knowing you only pay a good 6 bucks for an item that you get to use for a month. These are good for a night that you are exhausted ( or just lazy ) to take off your make up. We've all had those days and these make over remover towelettes always come in handy. These always come in my daily night routine. I use these 1st to remove all my make up & then I go on with all my other cleaners to make sure I remove all dirt & oil. It's so very important for you skin! You skin always seems to seem more youthful when you really take care of it :) ( & you are less likely to get much acne ) (big plus) So yeah, I really recommend these! :)

New 2012 Planner
I am obsessed with writing down everything. I feeling organized and having everything at the palm of my hands. I have been on a hunt for a good planner and found this one. I loveeee when my planners are pretty large. I like to be able to write a ton of things. Plus, I like the larger print. I'm always jotting down something whether it is plans, homework, future blogs, inspiration quotes, anything and everything!

NEW NAIL POLISHES! My favorite part of my purchase!
(jumps for joy)

"A cut above"

This pink glitter top coat will look amazing over a black coat or any other color you would want to put over. I love the large glitter detail. It's going to make such a fun statement on your nails. I've already tested it out even alone on my nails and it's the perfect glitter amount. It isn't thick at all.

"Turquoise & caicos"

Mint nail polish always catches my eye. This nail polish is going to look gorgeous during the summer time :)

Nicole by OPI

I was finally able to pick up some of the "Kardashian Kolor" line ! I wanted to pick up the entire line but most of them were sold out. I've heard tons of great reviews on how pigmented these nail polishes are so it was time to get some for myself. & I am so surprised at all pigmented that truly are! These are my first "Nicole" purchases and after playing around with them I'm really liking them!

Nicole by OPI
Kardashian Kolor

" Wear Something Spar-Kylie"

This color is so cute. Pink with sparkles in it.

Nicole by OPI
Kardashian Kolor

"Follow me on Glitter"

This color is so gorgeous! Black with different colored sparkles in it :)

I'll be trying out all of these & be posting them on my Facebook & Instagram!

My Instagram username is : Purechaos_xo

I'm always posting up tons of photos :)

Hope you ladies enjoyed this haul of mine.


Natasha Marie

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OOTN and Face products!

hi beautiful readers of mine, a big hiii to my newest followers :)
I've been putting in a lot more time to my blog & I loveee it. I adore all your comments & all my newest followers. I love to come here and share all the things that interest me && I'm so thankful to have all of you that take the time to read my blog!

A couple of days ago it was my best friends birthday! She had a blast && I was so happy to see her excited for her big day!

OOTN: Vera Wang leopard heels - These are probably the most comfortable heels I have ever owned! I love the strap it makes my feel more secure in my heels and they never slip off :) Big plus!

Earrings : Charlotte Russe, these earrings are gorgeous. You can see a closer look on my previous blog I posted. They're bright gold/silver.

Black top : Forever21, you can't really tell in the photo but the black top I have one have the cutest ruffles on the shoulders.I love love love the detailed shoulders!

Black Mini Skirt : Forever21.

Huge Ring: Charlotte Russe, up close photo on my previous post as well.

Nails: MAC Immortal God

Hair: I decided to wear my hair on the side and give it a nice messy look. I had planned on wearing my hair down but since my eye shadow was bright & blue and I was wearing large earrings I decided to change it up and wear it to the side.

This was my night look - fun, bright & BLUE.

Eye shadow:
MAC Electric Eel
MAC Carbon
MAC Naked Lunch

My ultimate favorite
Lancome Artliner in black

Dior Blackout

Revlon Photo Ready in Golden Beige


MAC Danity

MAC select sheer pressed powder in NC40

MAC Politely Pink

Hope you ladies enjoyed this post, I loveee reading all your comments & checking out any new blogs out there :)

Today was an amazing day - this year is truly starting off wonderful. I couldn't ask for anything more. I hope everyones year is starting off just as great && if it's not hold your head up high & look around at how blessed you are because I believe every single person is blessed in a million different ways.

Life is too short to be anything but happy.

The end.


Natasha Marie

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hello, huge jewelry HAUL!

Hi wonderful beauties of mine :) Finally - BLOG TIME! My favorite! This is a collective haul - some of this I received for Christmas & some I purchased myself! I'm gaining more followers & more views - a huge thank you & I appreciate all your comments/emails! (:

Betsy Johnson watch! My mom got me this watch for Christmas! I'm going to love love wearing this watch during the Spring/Summer time! A white watch always stand outs :) I love how unique this watch is and the simplicity.

These earrings were a gift from my cousin for Christmas. I don't have any in this style so I'm excited to wear these especially for the Summer time! The meaning of these earrings are so touching "thought to stimulate an atmosphere of non-judgement & self acceptance"

I picked up these little ones at Forever21 - they caught my eye because of how small they are yet they are such a statement. I loveee these with a high bun. <3

These vintage looking earrings were a gift for Chritmas. I love how huge they are & I love the vintage look they give off. These will definitely go worn with my hair tied back in a pony tail or a high bun.

Hello, gorgeous ring! I purchased this little beauty at the mall. I love HUGE rings. I have such a large collection of huge rings. You can pair a big ring with such a simple outfit and dress it up in an instant!

Grabbed this little baby and had it in my shopping bag in less than 2 seconds. It was such a good price & this will look great with a plain white V-neck. This necklace is also extremely long- which I really like! Nice & simple.

Gorgeous long silver/gold earrings I purchased at Charolette Russe. They are so shiny (it doesn't show up on the picture) BUT yeah, they have such a nice sparkle to them. Not too much but not too little.

Gold/black statement ring. Anytime Charlotte Russe has the 3 jewelry pieces for $10 - I always pick up a few items. You can't beat that bargain! I've never had any problems with their jewelry line - prices are reasonable and the jewelry always catches my eye! :)

Betsey Johnson - bow & pearl earrings! My sister got me these for Christmas. Lovee them.

Vintage looking earrings; present from my Aunt for Christmas :) These are gorgeous.

Another item I picked up with the 3 for $10 lovely bargain at Charlotte Russe.

Betsey Loveeee. I picked up these babies for such a bargain price! :)

Earrings I got for Christmas from my Mom. You guys won't believe the amount of accessories I got for Christmas! These are JUST the earrings! So crazy. I think I'm one of the easiest person to shop for - anything girly! :) Ohhh & these earrings I believe were purchased at Old Navy!

Forever21 always does the job (: Love the style of these. I picked these up a couple of days ago.

Another great bargain. Got both of these (photos above) for the 3 for $10 sale.

..and that's all for my wonderful collective jewelry haul ! I hope you all enjoyed it.
I hope everyone had a great Christmas & New Year's with your family & loved ones.
This Christmas was one of the best. It wasn't about the presents for me it was more being surrounded with all my family & my boyfriend. My favorite part of Christmas is getting together with everyone & watching their reaction when they open up presents you get them. My boyfriend out did it this year for not only me but for my family as well. If you guys follow me on Facebook you guys saw the photos! He is truly amazing. All in all - I had such a beautiful time. I've realized every single day how incredibly blessed I am. I have so much positive vibe all around me. My family, friends and my wonderful boyfriend. I'm excited to see what this new year will have in store for not only myself - but my family, friends and boyfriend. Positive thoughts will only bring positive outcomes. I'm so happy with life & have such a different mind set than what I had a couple of years ago. I've learned to appreciate the little things, because in the end those are the little moments you are going to forever remember. My family, friends & boyfriend mean the world to me. I have such a huge family & some of the greatest boyfriend also.. he is the most wonderful man in the world any girl can ever ask for. I hope this year is full of happiness and love to all my gorgeous little readers.

Tasha Marie.

We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called “Opportunity” and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.