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Halloween Tutorial - Easy Skelton How-To!


hey lovesssss,
Today is going to be a fun & EASY Halloween tutorial ! 
I wish there were MORE hours in the day to start making videos but I have been extra busy these days! So, with that being said - I'd like to show you lovelies some pictures step by step on how to get this easy look in case last minute you are in the need for something to do !! :) 
This look only cost $2 ! 
All you will need is white Halloween paint for you face found at Target for $1
and black paint face found at Target as well for only $1 

a few extras I used that may help out as well :
black shadow (any brand you have around the house)
makeup sponge (for easy application)
black eyeliner/ black pencil liner
cheap makeup brush

Now let's get started...

I look a little crazy in this top photo BUT this is how it begins.
Begin tracing circles around your eyes, near your forehead and from your ear to the middle of your cheeks like I did with any black eyeliner you have.
 Then take the black Halloween face paint (you can put some on a paper plate to avoid making a mess) & fill in the areas as well as your nose - you can use your fingers for this part OR use a cheap makeup brush that you don't mind getting dirty. 

 Now you should have something like this. I decided to do the BLACK FIRST before the white paint so it's easier to clean up if I mess up.

 Then grab some BLACK matte shadow (any brand) this is optional BUT this helps keep the color to last longer. So, all you do is dab your makeup brush with eyeshadow and dab it slowly onto the black color you filled in around your eyes, forehead and cheek bones!

NOW, the WHITE makeup part ! For this part you can use a makeup sponge like in the above photo OR use your fingers. You can also use a makeup brush for easy application.
Depending on how thick the cream makeup you got is - start layering it on your face till you get your desired look.


Now, you should have something like this in the above photo! 
I used about 4 layers to make it look extra white!
Then I started to work on my lips for the teeth part which were pretty easy - make your teeth however you may like, you can do them short or exaggerate the look as you wish.
Start working on your neck on the photo down below I took an up close photo to help you see how easy the neck part was.

 & you are all done! 
For the last part you can take a blending brush and just play around with the circles over your eyes to give that smokey look and also around your mouth area and any other areas you filled in with black.  I didn't want it to look perfect so I took my time to blend in my whole face together to give it a messy look! I added a few lines near my forehead to give the 'cracked' forehead look.
This look took me only about 30 mins. to do!

The good thing about these cream face makeup is that they are very easy to remove once you are done! Take a warm wet cloth or your favorite makeup wipe and just remove it gently off your face!

Hope you lovelies enjoyed this post & if you all want to see more of these let me know :)
I hope you girls are having a fabulous week !

Natasha Marie

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