Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Manicure and Pedicure!

 Hey beauties!!
Today, was yet another wonderful day at the Spa. Today was the first day I get a ...::drum roll please:: PEDICURE, can you believe that?  I've had countless manicures BUT pedicures are one thing I would never jump out of bed full of excitement to get, reason being, I AM SO TICKLISH. No one can touch my feet because I am literally a fish out of water. Non stop laughing attacks that lead to teary eyes, that sore of ticklish. Well, today was my lucky day & the lovely owner of The Carriage House Day Spa told me I had no idea what I was missing out on!
I went in for the plunge - & loved every single moment of it.
Now, I will be jumping out of bed full of excitement for my next one!
I was in the best of hands, Rosie (above photo) was the very 1st person to ever touch my feet. She definitely had 'the touch' & made me feel entirely relaxed. I was a little tense at first because I didn't want to burst into laughter and tears - but she made me feel completely relaxed.

 I decided to take photos of the many steps The Carriage House Day Spa offers you as you relax on your day of your pedicure. Her table is neatly set up for easy access and talks through out the entire pedicure and explains to you in detail what every product has to offer to keep your feet looking healthy. She was teaching me so many things!

 I really enjoyed Rosie taking her time to not only inform me on the different products she was using on my feet, but actually took the time to really work on my poor feet that are always getting beat up in high heels, cowboy boots and dancing the night away!! She massaged my feet in a way that didn't make my heart beat faster and lead to a laughing attack. She had 'the touch' as she explained to me through out my session.

 This part of the treatment feel incredible. Your feet are soaked in this wax that feels like a hot jacuzzi! They are then wrapped for a few minutes or so to let the products sink into your skin. Amazing feeling!

 The colors we chose this week for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, was PINK.
She did my color perfect ! & Even added a little bling on one toe which was the breast cancer awareness logo which looked fabulous!

 Here are the after photos of my pedicure once they were completely dry! I'm in love with this color. This shade is in 'Off The Shoulder' by the lovely Essie. I LOVE Essie polish, for some reason they are last extra long on my nails! 

Here are a few more up close photos:

I decided to also get the same color on my nails as well to help support this month! :)

 I decided to take these photos outside to get a better look at this gorgeous pink. 

My experience was outstanding for being my very 1st pedicure - ever! 
Make sure to check out The Carriage House Day Spa & click 'like' to help support or to set up your appointment for any desirable treatment!
 Or make sure to call (956) 544-4111

Until next time readers.
Natasha Marie 



  1. A day at the spa is always great!
    Follow your blog now and it would be great if you follow me too!

    Kisses from Hong Kong,

  2. What?! You had never had a pedicure before?
    I'd much rather get a pedicure than a manicure. :)

  3. oh my goodness, your feet are so beautiful!! they are like picture perfect, great skin, the cutest toes!


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