Monday, October 1, 2012

Sephora HAUL!

hello lovelies! 

It was like Christmas a couple of days ago. Well, at least that's how I always feel when the boyfriend likes to get me beautiful gifts just because. 

I'm surprised I am JUST now getting the Naked 2 Palette but since
1.) I read a lot of reviews before purchasing a new product that is out and there were tons of "not a big difference" or " I like the first one better" or " the colors are exactly the same" etc etc.
So I was never in a rush to get pick it up and then
2.) It was always sold out at our Sephora.
So, now that I had a chance to get it since I was able to see all the colors I really liked them, they are a little similar to the Naked 1 BUT I think in Naked 2 the colors are more of a darker share - they have a purple under tone. I've been playing around with the colors and really liking it. I use the Naked 1 palette almost everyday! 
I also got the Smashbox Masterclass palette. 
This palette comes with SO much in it. Since it was limited edition I HAD TO GET IT.
This palette comes with 28 eyeshadows, 8 cream eyeliners, 2 blush, 3 soft lights 4 lipglosses!
Amazing! I took some up close photos the palette on my Instagram! 
& a little Nars lipstick ended up coming home with me too :)

I'm loving these new babies and will definitely do some make up looks using them and post them here on my blog!

Natasha Marie

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