Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New year. New goals. New inspiration.

Happy New Year, lovelies! 
This is a brand new START for a BRAND new year. 
2012 was FULL of some of the greatest memories ever - with friends, family, and the love of my life. As I look back, I smile. I smile at the moments I was able to live and happy I caught everything on my camera. People freak out how much I take photos, yes I'm a photographer, BUT even when I'm not "working" I am non stop taking photos. Why? Because I want to remember everything. I want to be able to look back one day and see life through my photos. I want my future kids to see the life I lived and know I enjoyed it to the fullest. This year - I want to take even MORE photos. One day, photos are the only things we will have. Sure the memories will forever be in our mind, but to have the memories in your hands takes you back to that moment as if it just happened yesterday!

My favorite moment of 2012:

Moving into our 1st home together with the man of my dreams. 
Getting that phone call, crying my eyes out, hugging him like it was the last day I was ever going to see him, realizing this was the beginning of a adventure together and realizing in that very moment, I was more happy than I could ever imagine..& I still am.  I will forever love that day. And I have the photos to prove it, hundreds of them! 

The list can go on from my favorite moments of 2012 - and I'm actually planning on making a list of all my "favorites" from 2012 and put them in my scrapbook of life. 

This new year is going to be fantastic.
I'm a very optimistic person and it has doubled for this new year. You can't have a positive life without a positive mindset. I see life as an adventure. Even when there are those curve balls life throws at you, I feel those curve balls help us grow as individuals and help us understand life a little more. I'm excited to see what this new year has in store for me, my friends, my family and my relationship with the man I love. 

I have had some of the hands down coolest opportunities ever, all thanks to this little blog! And I plan to dedicate more time to my blog and see what this new year will bring to me.

I have new goals for this new year and I'm determined to work hard on everything that I want to accomplish. I believe we are capable of achieving anything and everything we set our minds to.  

I hope this new year brings nothing but adventures, love, and happiness for all you girls. Go after everything you want in life and always remember you are worth everything in the world. It is up to us to live the life we have always imagined.


Natasha Marie

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