Friday, February 8, 2013

1st Gel Manicure!

hello my beauties! 

How is everyone doing lately?! Hopefully, wonderful :) 

Today, I have an exciting post ! Last week I got my first Gel Manicure by the fabulous Spa I work with, The Carriage House Day Spa 

I'm OBSESSED with having my nails painted, changing colors throughout the week, and always making sure they are looking healthy! Nails are always the first thing I notice on a person for some strange reason! So I always try to keep them looking healthy and with some color! Anytime I have bare nails - I feel like a boy, lol. Plus, the boyfriend always notices my nails and that's always a good feeling :)

I was so excited to get my first Gel Manicure at the Spa because I've always heard such great reviews over them and anytime I have ever had my nails done there - they last so long!

But the reason my polish lasts long is the beginning process of it all ! Whether I get my nails done at the spa or I'm having a relaxing time at home and decide to do my own nails - there are plenty of steps to do before hand! You need to take care of your nails before you apply anything at all to get a long lasting manicure!

Now let's start with the photos - here are a few MUSTS in order to keep your nail polish lasting for DAYS!

Cuticles - Pushing back your cuticles is always the 1st and most important step ! You push them back in order to have a clean nail bed. You can find this product (in the above photo) for your cuticles at any drug store! Any brand will work great. Just be very gentle!

Hangnail - Removing any hangnails does wonders for your nails, it makes them look more clean and healthy! You just have to be gentle with this part as well - if you pull too hard you can start to bleed (ouchhhh)  

 Buffing - My favorite part ! Once you push back your cuticles and remove any hangnails on the side of your nails its now time to buff those nails out ! By moving left to right slowly this step prepares your nail for base coat ! It leaves your nails feeling incredibly smooth which allows your polish to go on smoothly and lasts longer ! 

 Now, you nails are prepped and ready for base coat ! Base coat is SOOOO important ! Lots of people skip this part - I used to before a lot and now that I know how important it is I make sure I do this step every single time! Base coats are necessary for healthier nails and easier application of the polish you choose! Base coats include protein, aloe vera, and vitamins for your nails that leave them moisturized and prevents breakage and peeling! Long story short - USE A BASE COAT at all times :)

 Here she is getting ready to apply my base coat - cleaning off any access that  may have on my nails!

 Pictured here: Base coat, Polish we choose - Gossip Girl, and Top Coat.

Gossip Girl on my nails ! This shade is so pretty and bright, perfect for Spring time! After each step n the Gel Manicure process your hands are put under a UV light for a couple of minutes! It helps to lock in the color on your nails rather than leaving them to air dry. 

Getting a nice little hand massage :) 

 ALL DONE ! & completely dried after a couple of minutes under the UV light ! I was very impressed with this process using the UV light! :) I think I found my new favorite manicure!

DAY #10 of my Gel Manicure and not ONE single chip on my nails! Still going strong knowing how busy my days are! I will keep you all updated on the how long the polish lasts on my nails! 

I'm so happy with this manicure! The best feeling (if you're a nail polish obsessed person like myself) is having a long lasting manicure! I hope your girls enjoyed this blog post !

Leave me any requests on future blog posts down below! 
& remember - keep your nails polished ! :)

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