Thursday, February 21, 2013

I met Tabatha Coffey, how amazing!

Hello my beauties! How's everyone's week going by? Hopefully fabulous! My week has been going so wonderful! Yesterday was both my Mom's & boyfriends birthday! It was a day full of love, happiness, and TONS of presents! They had the best day ever and it made my heart smile seeing how happy they both were! I have one exciting blog post today!

Let's get started..

A couple of days ago the Spa I work with & myself had such an awesome opportunity to meet Celebrity Hair Stylist, Tabatha Coffey!! This is an A list hair stylist !! I was THRILLED for this chance, I felt SO blessed! Now only is she a Celebrity Hair Stylist but also has her very own show on Bravo Tv called 'Tabatha's Salon Takeover' I love that show and how professional she is! She knows everything you can possibly think of when it comes to hair, color, cut etc! Of course my Nikon tagged along with me and the Spa to try and capture as much as I could on my camera! But having over 300+ people at the event was quite hard to snap away..BUT I tried my best and got some great shots! Tabatha Coffey was down in Texas for the grand opening of the new Spa Institute! She gave a few pep talks to the students of the school and then had a meet & greet for the rest of people invited to this event ! She was seriously the nicest person ever! I was even shaking when I met her, lol, a little star struck because I would always watch her on t.v. and loved her confidence! The Spa I work with even had the honor of purchasing her favorite wine for her and sent it to her hotel room!  *dies* 
The owner's daughter even had the chance to take her to her room, greet her, take photos with her, ride in the elevator with her - everything! It was such a blessing to have this opportunity with the Spa, truly a day we will never forget ! It was a 3 hour event that felt like 3 seconds! It went by super fast once she started taking photos with everyone! But nonetheless, definitely a memory in the books!

Here are some of the photos I took..Enjoy!

Why, yes, I was pretty excited as you can see how I am posing with the invitation! lol. I decided to wear a simple black dress, black mini belt with gold in the front, leopard heels (that were killing me!!!) hair up in a smooth bun, blue/gold earrings, light pink lipstick, and gold shadow!

 A random photo I took of only HALF of the polishes at the Spa..polish HEAVEN!

 Rosie & Teri - all dolled up and ready for the meet & greet !


 & the madness begins! This was everyone waiting for her to enter the building !

It was such an honor to be here with the Spa with tons of other business individuals! 
A moment I won't forget :)
I hope you girls enjoyed this post, have a wonderful week !

Natasha Marie

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