Tuesday, July 19, 2016

How To Keep Your Lip Glosses Organized

Hello, lovelies! Today is about organization! Keeping our home & especially my office clean and organized gives me life! I love knowing where things are, I love everything having its own home, and I love to be able to see everything.

Being a Makeup Artist & Blogger, I tend to have TONS of beauty products! I try to keep everything as organized as possible, but I'm human, and things can get a bit out of control. 

One thing that was definitely getting out of control were my lip glosses. I have an embarrassing, yet beautiful collection of lip glosses! ha! I keep most of my lip glosses in my clear cube & then I have some in my desk drawers....but there's always those few that I grab on the daily basis & use during makeup appointments. I wanted something I can keep on my desk for easy access to ones I usually grab first. At the magical Marshalls, yes, Marshalls is magical! I found the perfect lip gloss holder, for only $2.99 might I add~ 

This glass jar is perfect. It fits a good amount of products & makes everything look so organized & clean! 

I like to keep my glosses facing down, that way I can see the colors easily! 

It now has its very own home on my desk. No more pulling out my drawers searching for my go to glosses/lip stick pencils & no more stuffing them into my clear cube. You can easily pick up a few of these to store more, but one was perfect for me since I knew I wanted it to hold just a few products. I try to keep my desk simple & organized (thank goodness for the clear cube - that baby holds the majority of my products) 

Look how neat & organized it looks~ Ah, pure joy! 

 How do you guys keep some of your go to products organized? I would loveee to see! Post them in a comment down below if you like.

Thanks for reading, everyone! I hope this post inspired you in some way on how to keep some of your beauty products organized & neat! I'll see you in my next blog post!

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