Sunday, February 28, 2010

ask me something, anything :)

Old hair. wow I was blonde. It was actually a light brown color with highlights, but it just came out extremely light in the photo :) I love to change my hair, this was about 3 years ago. Now, I am jet black, && I love it.

I'd thought I'd post a fun post. Ask me questions, any questions :) Beauty, fitness, purses, makeup, hair, anything and everything :) Drop a comment below or even email me & I will post the questions on a seperate blog && answer all questions :)

I am thinking of doing a random giveaway sooooon.
just for fun.

Until next time ladies.

Stay gorgeous.

"..and when you really think about, life it beautiful"

My 1st, but not the last :)

I did it :) I ran my very 1st marathon! This weekend we had this huge mile && 5k run! It was amazing. There was over 1,000 runners, isn't that insane! I have always wanted to run one of these. I always told myself I don't care how tired I am, how many experienced runners will be there, how the weather is, how badly I will be sore, I just never want to give up. && I want to make it to the end. Well, I did it :) && I got a medal. I was so proud of myself. It's something I can now mark off the things I want to do in my life before I die :) It was an accomplishment :) We had to wake up @ 5:45am && the run was at 7am! It was well worth the wait.

It's things like this that make me realize you really are capable of doing anything you want. It is just a matter of how bad you really want it to happen :) Once I finished the race there was HUNDREDS of people cheering us on and handing us waters && oranges.

It was a great experience.

my 1st.. to many to come :)

I did it.

You are able to achieve anything you want.

A lovely birthday.

I felt so loved this year :) my awesome family came down from Houston to help me celebrate with meeee. I decided to do the family thing this year. The past two years I have always have big crazy parties :)

This year was wonderful.

I have never felt so blessed in my whole life.

Everything about this weekend was great. We all went to the big carnival, ran our first marathon, shopped till we dropped, ate junk food we shouldn't have, spent money we should have saved..too much fun!

It is the littlest things in life, that matter the most.. like family:)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy Birthday to meeee :)

Happy Birthday to meee!!!!

I had the most BEAUTIFUL day today!!! I have NEVER felt soooo amazinnly BLESSED. Today I had a lovely dinner with my boyfriend && his parents...TOMORRROW.. my awesome family comes down from Houston, and we are having a big family party for mee!!! I can't wait, so its like my birthday again tomorrow! haaaa. Just a short blog I had such an exciting day. I'll blog more && show everything I got :)

Too blessed, to ever be stressed.

&& I am so thankful for given another year of this wonderful life :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

:) Nail polish makes me smile

Hello gorgeous dawls. Check out these beautiful new nailpolishes I bought today from Claire's :) They are sooo bright, I love them.. they don't look AS NEON as they are. They are gorgeous. I have really been into painting my nails, and having them looking great. I am obsessed with looking at peoples nails, what color they have on, or if they have any on at all. haa. These were on sale also, for $2.50 :) can't beat that deal.

I also bought this nail growth treatment @ Target last night :) I've heard really good reviews on it, and I'd really like for my lovely nails to go a tad bit more & be healthy! I will do a review once I use it for a while. Fingers crossed that it works! If you guys have tried this, let me know :)

I also bought this gorgeoussss MIDNIGHT BLUE nailpolish from Walmart a couple of days ago. I realllllly LOVE THIS BRAND. For some reason it lasts a really long time, the brush is thick, and is salon quality. my opinion of course, but I love it :)

Oh look what we have here, another PURE ICE nailpolish :) This is the nailpolish I have on for today. Neon yellowish. I love to wear a simple black tanktop && have my nails stand out.

What nailpolishes do you girlies recommened? Or which is your favs? I also have tons of other brands, but for some reason..this brand makes me smile :) Having my nails looking pretty && not chipped makes me happpppppy. Plus, it's cute that the boyfriend always notices when I paint them :)

Have a beautiful day.

Life is the most precious thing in the world, don't ever waste a day being sad or mad :)

Big dreams *& 3 more days till my birthday!!!!!!!!

A random photo I took a while ago, I didn't know the little sister was in the background smiling while we were driving around. ha.

Hair of the day: Natural waves. Messy hair :)

Messy hair makes me happy. I never enjoy my hair when it looks PERFECT. I like the messy look :) Not too serious yet cute. 3 more days till my birthday I can't wait. 23 years young I will be :)

So fast the way life passes us by. It amazes me how fast life is going. One day I will be a college graduate, one day I will have kids, one day I will marry, one day I will hopefully have my very own photography studio, one day I will watch my kids grow up, one day my kids will be 23.

I love life. I love my life. At times, life can be so incredibly difficult, times where a good cry is always the best thing to make you feel better. Maybe my life is going great, but sometimes I will see my family or my friends going through some of the hardest times in the world, and it makes me be so thankful for my life.

I hope all of you all realize just how lucky we are.

Tasha Marie

"Somebody said that life isn't fair, when somebody else was saying a prayer "

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Nailpolish, nailpolish, nailpolish...

Nailpolish of the day. Wow it came out horrible in this photo lol. It's very bright pink :) I love iiiittt. I got these Coach nailpolishes @ our Dillards when my mom bought me a purse during xmas :) Love them!

I've realized I have SOOOOO MUCH NAILPOLISHES lol. Lately, I have been addicted to patining my nails. I hate when they get chipped. I wish they made a nailpolish that lasted for a whole week with no chipping :) I know this is HORRIBLE how I keep my nailpolishes lol I really need to buy that rack off of Ebay!

What other ways do you girls recommened I use to keep my nailpolishes in a safe place?

Drop a comment with any info!

--- until next time.

Stay confident.
Drink your water.
Always stay beautiful <3>

oh oh!!!!

&&&& I WON a GIVEAWAY!!!! My very 1st I was sooo excited to read my email this morning. I won from the lovely Gena from Glam-Me-Up her blog is adorable so check hers out! I am sooo excited :) I will def. post and review the funnn items!!