Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ask me lovely questions.

Hey my sweet dawls.

So I ended up getting a formspring a place where you can ask questions, ANY questions. Here is the link...

You can ask ANYTHING how fun is that.

Ohhh && I need you guys help, how can I put that on my page here on blogger ?

I'd like to have a link to it on my sidebar, but I have no clue. If you guys know how please let me know.

Looking forward to answering all your questions.

Have a gorgeous day.


Tasha Marie

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Haul. Haul. Haul :)

Charolette Russe- Lovely earrings I bought for the night life. They are so gorgeous, I was very surprised at the quality, I think they were ONLY about 6 bucks :) Must love bargains! When I'm out wearing these I will wear them with a very simple & sexy solid color tank top (black, purple, turqoise) etc. Always wear solid color shirt when your earrings have a lot of bling on it ;) It makes them stand out a lot more, also wearing your hair UP in a messy bun makes them more noticeable :)

MAC - mac eyeshadows always brings a smile to my heart. Colors are *Purple Shower && *Sushi Flower. I'm loving these summer colors. Ill be styling this summer for sure :) haa.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish - IN LOVE. I ran out of me past one && finally bought a new one (yay) I don't like leaving my house with out this gorgeous touch on my cheeks! I don't put it ALL OVER my cheeks, just on my higher part of the cheek. Sometimes, a small stroke down my nose && on my temples! It does wonders. Try it :)
Leaf necklace - I got this lovely necklace @ PacSun :) I love wearing this necklace with a plain white tank top, hair messy, and some cute flats :) I think it's funny how I write down every outfit I wear with it :) Just to give you guys ideas !

Black Eyeliner - $24.50

ArtLiner - Presicion Eyeliner - $29.00
As you can see I bought two of these, I'm SO IN LOVE WITH these eyeliners. They are a bit pricey, but they are worth it. This product stays on ALL DAY long, I have never had a problem with this product and it stays on FOREVER. I will never use another eyeliner I've been using the same eyeliner the past 2 years, crazy huh :)

I got one in BLACK && wanted to try this gorgeous MIDNIGHT GLAM blue, look how beautiful it is :)
I adore my products that I have bought over the past 2 weeks :) The eyeliners are my favorite.
Eyeliner makes the biggest difference on your eyes. It amazes me, I'm excited to try out the blue eyeliner. It's fabulous.

Hope you all enjoyed my haul, any questions, comments or anything whatsoever drop a comment.

Stay gorgeous && beautiful bloggers.

--Natasha Marie.

You’ve changed me. You’ve shaped me into this girl who is actually capable of loving someone, when just a few months ago, she couldn’t even love herself.

Happiness is the goal.

Makeup was extremely simple today :) Simple black eyeliner && mascara :) Along with my blush. There are days where I love to be glam, and other days where I am happy wearing just mascara, or other days just eyeliner.

I believe taking care of yourself is such an IMPORTANT factor on being a girl. I love being a girl, I love to take care of my skin, my body, my hair, my feet..everything. Plus, taking care of yourself is like pampering yourself little by little. Not saying you must go to a spa && spend $250 every week - no way! I'm talking about washing your face every night, having your hair nice & healthy, nails looking great, feet are soft. I love all the girly things :) && I know my boyfriend enjoys it as well lol even though he teases me at times on how long I take or small guy stuff, he loves that I take care of myself haa.

Simple post.

The end.


"A girls heart is as fragile as an egg"

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

..a lovely small Target haul :)

I was going to Target for some cotton balls..walked out with a bag of fun goodies !

Maybelinne Eyeshadow - Look how GORGEOUS this color is , I LOVE how it has this beachy touch to it, it's very pigmented && shiny, I can't wait to try it out .

Sonia Kashuk - Picked up these two eyeshadows from Sonia <3>

* Dancing Queen. Looks gorgeous :)

Maybelinne- Lipgloss in 40 Lolly Pink, I tested it out at the store, its sooo pretty. A lovely pink color but not too bright . Perfect for outdoor wear !
L'OREAL - HIP paris. This duo eyeshadow comes with a dark green eyeshadow, and a light brown natural color. I haven't had a color like this to my collection, so I had to pick it up :)

In LoVE - Sally Hansen. Maxium Growth nailpolish plus nourishing nail color :) Today I'm using Vanilla Whimsy, I adore this color, it's light but gives my nails a very natural color. I'm loving it.

Don't you just hate but LOVE at the same time where you go into a store && promise yourself your not going to buy any makeup, and then walk out with a gorgeous bag of goodies :)

Well, that happened to me the other day. I bought a few things and my lovely Target. I'm loving the nailpolishes && eyeshadows!

Guess what.

I was hired to shoot a 2ND WEDDiNG !! I shot last weekend, and it was a huge success!! I met TONS of people && did a lot of marketing :) It's such an amazing feeling knowing I am doing what I was BORN to do :)

I hope all you lovely ladies take pride in what you are meant to do in your life and you go after it no matter what anyone thinks or says, beleive me the reward will be huge :)

My 1st giveaway I won!!!! :)

Hey dawls.

I haven't been on this for a while, been sooooo busy! Anywho, I'm back!!

Look what came in the mail for meeeeee a couple of days ago :)))) I won this gorgeous makeup kit by Elf, from one of my lovely bloggers Gena* Glam-Me-Up check out her blog it's adorable :) I am digging these eyeshadows! If you notice on the photos above they are VERY pigmented && glittery I love it :)

Mascara- I'm loving it, I find it very useful! One side is waterproof, & other side is regular :) it's in the color black, and I'm excited to try it out.

Fake eyelashes - Honestly, I have NEVER tried fake eyeslashes lol. My eyelashes are EXTREMLY long :) But maybe one day I'll try them out !

Eyeliner- I've had Elf eyelashes before, & I've always liked them :))

Eyeshadow brush - I also have a few Elf brushes, they always come in handy :)

I really loveee my gift, I'll be having one soon also! So stay tuned everyone. Thanks again to the lovely Gena!

xoxo Tasha Marie.

"A little makeup && a little lipgloss can make any girls day brighter "