Thursday, March 29, 2012

MAKE UP & beauty Haul !


No, I didn't purchase ALL of this at the same time, that would be a bit obsessive. This is a collective* haul of items I've purchased the past couple of weeks. I've had these photos on my Mac ready to go and now it's time to blog about them! These items you can find all at your Walmart, Target, or CVS. As much as I love my "high end" make up (MAC, Dior, Lancome etc..) I also love love love drug store make up. Many companies such as Revlon, Elf, and even Wet n' Wild have been updating their products for a more sleek look which I am loving. Some of these prices are amazing and so affordable for anyone and everyone ; these items are especially good for beginners wanting to try out new products or even update your makeup collection :)
I'm in LOVE with MAC..anytime I walk to their counter I want to pass out because I want every single item they have BUT I always want to pass out when I pass by the cosmetic section at Target with all their new products that have been updated! Make up is make up; regardless the price of the item I think you can always rock ANYTHING - high end or drug store :)

Sally Hansen Inta-Dri Top Coat
I've been looking for an effective top coat that truly works and have my nails dry fast. I finally found one!
Product Descriptions:
-No chip & shine for 10 days.
-Quick Dry
-Apply nail color; wait 2 minutes & apply 1 coat. Manicure will be dry to touch in 30 seconds.
After I read "dry to touch in 30 seconds" I thought yeaaaa right.
Which is why I purchased it because I wanted to see if it really worked - amen, it does.
Literally, 30 seconds and my nails were completely dry. I started doing things around the house, put my hair up, organized my clothes all after 3o seconds after putting on my top coat. It was crazy. I've never had a top coat do this :) I definitely recommend this, plus it was only about $4.

Blistex Lip Conditioner
I'm obsessed with having some sort of lip balm on my lips to prevent dry lips. I've always used different types of lip balms and this one is pretty good! It was only about $2 at CVS :) It leaves your lips extra shiny && it's a good moisturizer to have on your lips a couple of hours before if you're going to apply bright lipstick to prevent stains on your lips the next day!

Nail Buffer
Nothing TOO exciting, BUT I was in need of a new buffer because my last one looked like it was chewed up by a dog. I use this EVERY single time I do my nails to fix them up and condition them :) Only about $3 at Target. I love love love this, I've purchased this more than 5 times.

Maybelline Fit Me Powder - Medium Beige

I've never ever ever used any other face powder besides MAC, Dior, and Lancome BUT I've always heard great reviews on this face powder. I decided to try this out (I also had a $3 coupon and all of their items were on sale so I only got this for about $1 - woo! ) So with THAT price - why not? I'm excited to try this out :)

Loreal Paris Eyeshadow - Perpetual Purple

I've used this a lot lately! I got this because one of my lovely bloggers was raving about these items. This shadow is crazy pigmented! I love it. I also really like that when you open the case there is a pressed palette inside to help keep the shadow full and together.

Wet n' Wild - 'Carrot Gold'
This is one of the items I've been wanting to try out ! From all my youtube and blogger ladies there has always been nothing but GREAT reviews on these NEW formulated lipsticks!
I was very very impressed how pigmented this lipstick was on my lips - I actually wore this out a couple of days ago and sooo many girls thought it was my MAC lipstick. I only picked up one to try it out and check out how these work on my lips and I definitely want to pick up a few more. The BEST part is that these are only $1.95 which is crazy! It also look very good when a placed a lipgloss over to give it a glossy look! It's such a beautiful coral look - perfect for summer time :) It's always good to have a wide variety of lipsticks to choose from and for this great price you can't go wrong :)

Brazilian Keratin Therapy
Every single time I go to a store I always see these and want to try them out and never end up purchasing it, well now it finally happened. It's an anti-breakage serum for your hair that you can use or wet or dry hair. It smells AMAZING so amazing I want to get 8 more back ups. It has coconut oil, keratin proteins, avocado oil, and cocoa butter - love! It looks like such an expensive product but it was only about $7 at Target. I've been using this every single day..mainly focusing on the ends of my hair. It smells so fresh, I'm in love with it.

Revlon 3D Volume Mascara - Blackest Black
I actually got this as soon as it came out because I'm a sucker for trying out new mascaras! So many of my bloggers && youtube girls have all been trying out this new mascara also. I'm really liking this baby! Definitely gives my lashes soo much volume. Even though my lashes are so long it's not normal that almost every mascara I tend to like - but this one just gives them the illusion of looking thicker (which looks like you have way more lashes) Definitely a keeper! I think this was about $6 or $7 at Target !

Lancome Juicy Tubes
You can never go wrong with these - I highly doubt I even have to write about these because I know tons of people love these !
Raspberry Ice, Berry Bold, and Simmer.
These are the most glossy lipglosses ever, I love them!

Elf is a brand that I have really been impressed with. Many people have the positive thoughts on it and many have their negative thoughts on it. I actually really like this brand. Elf (Eyes Lips Face) is a VERY affordable brand of makeup - so affordable it's exciting. I have JUST recently started purchasing a lot more of their products and haven't been let down yet ! I picked up these two blushes (left) Tickled Pink & (right) Pink Passion- ONLY $3 at Target, I actually really really really like these blushes - very pigmented! These are the 1st blushes I have tried from their Elf "Studio" line, very impressed! :)

Rimmel London: Autum Catwalk
Wet n' Wild: Pearlescent Pink
I have tons of 'pink' blushes and I picked up these warmer blushes just to have.
I haven't tried the Rimmel London YET but the shimmer on it is gorgeous, the Wet n' Wild I just wanted to try for fun since it was ONLY about $2 - I love bargains. I love having a huge variety of blushes.

nails. nails. nails.
Revlon: Radiant
This color is CRAZY gorgeous! So bright and full of glitter.

Sinful colors: Queen of Beauty
I use this over a top coat :)

Sally Hansen: Limestone
I used this nail polish on my nails for St. Patricks day - so bright and didn't chip for a week, loved it. There's a photo on 2 previous blog posts :)

Olay Make-up Wipes

These are always on my top list of make up wipes. I also love the Neutrogena, Elf, and Clean n' Clear make up wipes also - I just like to change it up every once in a while. I've repurchased these so many times - they leave my face feeling so fresh and really helps remove ALL my makeup before I start to use my other face cleaning products :) About $4.50 at Target :)

Oh the perks of being a girl & getting to purchase such fun items.
I'm happy with all the things I got and excited to try out some of the items! :)

I'm in the process of trying to organize ALL my make up - my collection is growing ...(by the second) and I've been slowing trying to organize once that is finished I'll definitely post a blog to show you all the ways I organize - since I'm an organized FREAK :)

Natasha Marie

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

NEW hair. Change is always fun!

hey beautiful girls (:

I wanted to do a quick post for you all and share my new hair ! :)
I love love love changing my hair color. This was a spontaneous thing that popped up! Just a few hours before I made the appointment I thought "I feel like coloring my hair just because!" And I made the appointment! My hair is naturally black. I've dyed my hair brown, I've had light brown/blonde higtlights, I've been jet black, I've had jet black with pink stripes...&& NOW I have caramel highlights :) Since Spring is here & Summer is just 2 months away I love going a bit lighter. Recently I dyed my hair jet JET black. The blackest it has ever been. I went to my hair stylist & told her what I was thinking and what she recommended - she approved and thought it would look well. It's always good to get their point of view because after all, they are the professionals. I ended up getting my highlights underneath rather than starting at my roots. Since my hair was extra dark - I wanted the bottom to be a bit lighter and I thought with the regular hightlights that would start on my roots would look a bit odd (plus, I would have to keep going back and forth for to touch up my roosts) I'm loving this new mini change. I think change is so good and exciting at the same time! I'm thinking for Fall (already planning ahead) I want to go burgundy with some light red highlights! :) The boyfriend really liked my hair too which was good to hear! He's only seen me with my jet black hair!

Hope you all enjoyed this mini post.


Natasha Marie

Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Make-Up and Looks

hey beautiful ladies,
It feels like it has been a long time since I have last blogged! I'm in my current "blog" mood :) Pajamas. In the boyfriends bed. Nice and relaxed. I wanted to share with you ladies some past week & weekend looks and makeup! Every day is obviously a different look. Whether it's the simple school look, going out look, smokey look, simple eyes but bright red lips look; I change my looks every single day. It's fun. It's dress up time every day. The perks of being a girl.
The above photo was a fun look to do - it was for St. Patrick's Day! I went for a dramatic green and little smokey on the outer part of my lid & just blended it all out so it came out as a faded light to dark look (which is my favorite to do) As you can see in the photo above I used 3 different shades of green to play around and get this look! A quad from Dior, MAC, and Lancome. For my highlight I used "Virgin" from the NAKED palette & added a little MAC glitter to the highlight as well as a little under my eyes. Highlight is important to give you eyes that little spark & helps tone down a dark look as well. I used a new nail polish that day as well (above photo) Sally Hansen & a Sinful glitter top coat. I decided to might as well go ALL OUT and go ALL in green. Since I had dramatic eyes I went for low key on the lips; I a very simple shimmer. A revlon lipgloss I picked up at Target a while back ago that I really love but can't remember the name of it (ahhh) I love love love going all out for fun occasions! I don't think I will ever get bored of that. On to the next look...

NAKED Palette :)
This entire look came from my lovely NAKED palette. Speaking of the NAKED palette I have still yet to purchase the NAKED2 palette but have been thinking I should just get in my car and drive to Sephora and pick it up. I haven't heard any bad reviews on it at all, however, I do keep hearing it's very similar to the original palette but that this palette has more of a purple undertone. I'm sure I'll be picking up sooner or later but until then I am loving my original palette! This was a night out look. I paired this see through long sleeve (with a black tank top underneath, duhhh) and a black and white striped skirt. The top was adorable and I wish I would have taken more photos! In the front of this long sleeve blouse you were able to tie a little bow tie in front of the collar - very Kourtney Kardashian style. You were either able to let the two fabrics hang (which looked extremely awkward if you had left it like that) OR tie it in a cute little bow tie; of course I chose the bow tie! It was adorable! I went out with my hair down but ended up putting it in a high bun. Make-up was pretty simple; black smokey & highlight. Lips: Niki Minaj Satin :) Love that color! My nails were such a statement; bright mint. My favorite! & the accessories were fun to play around with as well. All jewelry was from Forever21, (:

Ah, yes, the little brother's 10th birthday.
My love. My life. My little man.
Of course I went a little dressed up for my little man! Now the Spring is here; playing with colors is so much fun. I wore a very high bun; I was actually sporting the "SOCK BUN" which works great with my hair since my hair is pretty thick and wavy. It's amazing the way the sock gives you so much "volume" on your bun! Bright pink lipstick..none other than the lovely MAC; I am pretty sure this lipstick was called "GIRL ABOUT TOWN!" Eyes were very simple since I knew I was going to be wearing bright lipstick. All my eyes consisted of were black eyeliner, mascara, and a highlight under my brow which was the incredible Anastasia hightlighter (amazing!)
I wore this huge statement necklace that I adore! Simple black tank top underneath and a fun bright yellow flowy top.
the little brother had the time of his life :)

This day I was headed to a BBQ with the boyfriend so I decided to go with a nice and simple look. Nude lips, black eyeliner, and highlighter - that was the look for the night. I used a Revlon nude lipstick. I've really been loving Revlon products they have always been a top favorite for drug store products. I have two nude lipsticks from MAC and for some reason I love my Revlon one way more (oops!) I wore a purple tank top with details at the bottom and a black blazer. I felt like I was a little girl in a candy store when I finally found the perfect blazer. To be completely blunt - I have a large chest, yes boobs. Don't get me wrong, I love my girls. BUT when finding the perfect blazer that lets my girls breathe and feel comfortable was hard to find! But I finally found it (jumps for joy) it's such a fun and classy blazer. Heaven.

I decided to snap a photo of my insane make up train case. This isn't even HALF of anything that I have. This collection only continues to keep growing, it's not normal I know; but it makes me happy :) I feel like make up is a work of art on your face. There is an unlimited amount of different ways to do your make up - I love it. I think what makes me really happy is when I am do make up on clients, friends, family - anyone..and the reaction of "Oh my god - thank you so much, I feel so beautiful" When I was doing freelance work for Dior everyday was a different look, a different skin type, a different individual just looking for a way to boost their confidence. Every young girl and adult that sat down on my chair was ready for a change. After giving them a complete make over and seeing their reaction was priceless..some even got me a little teary. They all just wanted to feel beautiful and I did that for them and I gave them the boost of confidence I feel EVERY WOMAN should have. I saw them walk a little taller that day as they left the Dior counter with tons of new beauty products in their bag that I recommended for them. I feel it's important to have that confidence as a woman; it makes you feel amazing, it makes you feel you can conquer the world and go after anything and everything you have ever wanted.

Until next time,
Stay beautiful my lovely readers.

Natasha Marie

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weekend Outfit.

My lovely bloggers,
How is everyone doing? Wonderful I hope :) I love love all your sweet comments you all leave & instead of me going back to each page and write back what I feel is easier to just to comment back here on my page - so check back if you have left me a comment on here :)
This past weekend I decided to take a few shots of my outfit to share with you all. It had a fun 'vintage' feel to it :) I really want to start taking more outfit photos (since I have been shopping like it's still my birthday) & since I love love love getting dressed up & picking out different accessories - I'd lovee to share all this with you all ! It's exciting to me to open up my closet, look at all my jewelry & make up and decide what "look" I feel like doing today. It's dress up everyday whether I am dressed up in heels and a skirt or a T-shirt and some comfy Toms; you can always feel confident in any outfit you decide to wear.
My eye make-up for the night in the close up above photo is all from the Urban Decay Naked Palette. I really loveeee this palette; you can do so many different looks. From day to night. I recommend it to everyone all the time! The rest of my face is all MAC & I have been using a new mascara this month that I will talk about down below. xo.

here`s a close up of my necklace & earrings for the night.
Both purchased at Forever21.
I lovee Forever21. I love that all the prices are so reasonable for everyone & you can always dress up ANY outfit with their huge jewelry collection they have all the time. I love the necklace I decided to pair my blouse with because it stood out a lot. I wore this top with a black mini skirt and studded heels (that I forgot to take photos of, oops!)

a close up of my eye make up & my lashes.
I get questions a lot of my lashes. They are completely real & I have never worn fake lashes once in my lifetime lol. My lashes are dramatically long - it's not normal.
When I was younger I actually HATED how long they were and I always always always wanting to "trim them with scissors" thank god I never did that !

Nails & ring from Charolette Russe.

& the up close of my "Mascara Of The Month!" I love trying out new mascaras every month - whether it's drug store or high end. I want to start sharing them with you all as well. If anything, mascara is my top favorite beauty product ! You always look so awake with mascara and it really brings out the color of your eyes! I purchased this at Target - about $6-7 (& I used a coupon and got it for much cheaper - coupons are the best ! ) I was very impressed with this mascara - I love how the wands are thick plastic and help separate your lashes. It didn't leave any clumps at all which I loved! :)

Hope you all enjoyed this post, leave me your lovely comments & I'll get back to each and every one of you!

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Birthday Bash!

Hey lovely ladies of mine,
This past weekend was one of the GREATEST weekends of my life! (really!) I had a double birthday party with the love of my life and myself. Our birthdays are just 4 days apart..his birthday landed on a Monday this year (Feb. 20) & mine landed on a Friday (Feb. 24) & a double birthday party seemed like the perfect deal ! Luckily, I have some of the most amazing and caring friends & they wanted to take over and have a surprise theme party for us ! I was thankful more than words can even describe! I was on the hunt for the perfect birthday dress & came across this gorgeous bright blue! I was so happy the lovely boyfriend wanted to match with me :) It honestly felt like Prom all over again when he was driving over to pick me up - I had no idea what he had decided to soon as I opened up the door it's like I fell in love all over again. As we walked into where the party was taking place all I heard was my amazing friends scream "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!" it was priceless. I was even a little emotional because I was THAT thankful for having these girls in my life. Vannia, my bestfriend (pictured above in the orange top) was one of the main ladies in charge - & I can't thank this beautiful heart enough! She made this night so very special for me! She even went behind our backs to find our favorite baby pictures of us & blew them up as center pieces! It was adorable. It was a black & white theme party - I LOVE BLACK & WHITE, so they did amazing! All in all, there was NOTHING more I could ask for. The entire weekend made me fall in love all over again with my boyfriend and really made me realized how blessed I am to be surrounded with so much love! I've never ever had a birthday party with anyone before - it was a 1st and definitely not the last. I want to do this every year with him and celebrate another year of life with him. He made my birthday a million times more special. I wanted to share a few photos with you guys! The rest of the (hundreds) of photos are on my Facebook page ( the link is on the right side )

Hope you all enjoyed this post.

Natasha Marie