Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Positive mind = Positive outcome!

hello loves.

I have so much to blog about and so many exciting things to let you in on! (and even a GIVEAWAY, just because)  All those will be coming up during the week!

A couple of days ago, I was asked "How are you always so happy? How is that even possible?"

I get that a lot, I'm definitely that girl that is always on 'cloud 9' I see life as an adventure. I see the good in everything instead of automatically seeing the negative. My heart is FULL of positive thoughts and I am always surrounded by happy and positive people. I've always loved the quote "live a life you are proud of." I have always cherished that quote and it always stays in my heart, I'm so proud of my life right now. I am proud of the person I am and the opportunities that I have came to me down the road - I have taken them all with an open mind and an open heart and they have just opened up bigger doors for me! It's exciting to me that LIFE is just beginning - I have so many goals and so many dreams that I can't wait to conquer and I know I am going to reach all my goals because I am a very driven person. I feel like you ARE able to live the life you have always dreamed of. Your thoughts can change the world and your positive mind set can open the doors to a million opportunities! It's all up to YOU - how you react to situations in life whether they be positive or negative. My future excites me -  I am going to spend the rest of my life with the man of my dreams and I'm going to make all my dreams come true. If you believe it, you can make it happen. Your mind can do wonders. My mind never stops thinking of the next project I will be working on next & it gets me more excited knowing some of the best moments of my life have yet to happen!  Keep your heart at peace and always surround yourself with only the positive people that truly want the BEST for YOU and your LIFE. Sadly, some people can't stand to see others succeed - while others push you, believe in you, and are proud of you..keep those people close. Always go after your dreams and forget what the world is going to say. Live your life for you, not for others around you. Once you start doing that, you will be happier than you could ever imagine! Always go to bed with a peaceful mind, always wake up thankful for another day, always love yourself, always know you are capable of achieving all your dreams, always think of the positive, always smile, always know no matter how 'bad' your day may be going...there are others in the world that have it a million times harder. 

Hope you girls are having a fabulous week.
Keep a positive mind, always.

Natasha Marie 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Gel Manicure of the week, hello Spring!

Gel Manicure of the week by The Carriage House Day Spa..

Hello, Spring colors!

Spring time has finally arrived..along with the hot weather at the tip of Texas! What I love most about Spring time? THE GORGEOUS COLORS. It's finally time to put away the leggings, jackets, dark shades of lipsticks and time to pull out those beautiful colors in your makeup collection, closet, and my favorite - nail polish collection! 

This week at the Spa - we decided to go with this pretty shade of blue I have never had on my nails. I love that the shade isn't too harsh - it's the perfect blue shade! After being ask "what shade do you want on your nails this week?" My response.."Spring color! Something fun and bright!" And this is the shade we decided to go with! This shade is called "Up In The Blue" It matches the beautiful sky color!

Here are a few more up close photos !

I am still SO very impressed with the Gel Manicure process and how long it lasts on your nails. A good 2 whole weeks with NO CHIPPING AT ALL. And if you are a nail polish junkie like myself, a polish that lasts up to two weeks is similar to winning a shopping spree to your favorite store. It's that awesome.

A few "did you know" about Gel Manicures.. 

- your Gel Manicure is dry in only 30 seconds under the UV light --- say whaaaat !
- no chipping & just as shiny as the first day - 14 days later. --- holla!
- gel manicure is a coat of colored "gel" that looks like a polish
- to take off your gel manicure you need to soak your nails in acetone so it's easier to come off

- it's amazing. period.


I love how this polish just screams "hello, Spring!"

& this is how the Gel Manicure polish package looks like!

What are YOUR favorite colors for Spring time?

Why I love Spring time?
Pastel colors, long beach dresses, summer dresses, shorts, coral lipstick, pink blush, colorful skinny jeans, bright tank tops, colorful side purses, sandals and the beautiful breeze outdoors!

I hope you all are having a fantastic week! Make sure to vote on the poll on the top right hand side of my blog to help me to decide what I should blog about next ! 

Natasha Marie

"be your own inspiration"



p.s. GIVEAWAY coming soon!

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Monthly Beauty Favorites!

February Beauty Favorites! 

Hello my beauties! So, I have decided to start sharing with you girls my 'monthly favorites' every month and let you all see what I am loving lately! :) I love trying out new beauty products, giving my advice on them, telling you girls whether it'a product to buy or a product that you shouldn't waste your money on! These monthly favorites are going to be the products I am loving for each month - Once we start up a new month I will be showing you girls my 'go to' products for that month! I usually post a photo on my Instagram every once in a while showing my followers "I love this" or "you girls have to try this out" now, this may be a bit easier to see them all together! With that being said, let's start ! 

Hair, lips, face, nails products and even favorite jewelry will be featured in my 'monthly favorites' if there is anything else you would like me to include let me know & I will make it happen!!

oh, to be a girl. 

what a beautiful mess I have here on my desk....

Now, let's begin talking about the products I'm loving lately ! 


OPI Nail Envy.
Where can you find it ? Target, Amazon, OPI website.
I don't recall the price on Nail Envy but I think it was about $15 BUT you can also find it only for about $10-12 with shipping.
I've always heard great reviews on the famous 'Nail Envy' from beauty blogger friends of mine, YouTube girls I speak to occasionally and at the time my nails were breaking almost every couple of days is how it felt! And being a HUGE nail fanatic breaking your nails a couple of days can be dreadful (not really, but you know what I mean) once that happens I have to file all my nails done so one doesn't look weird! My nails just felt WEAK so I decided to give this a try. It is meant to keep your nails STRONG not help them GROW. After a month of using it on my nails I must admit, I was impressed and my nails have not BROKEN AT ALL. They are finally at the length I want them at, NO breaking nails at all. I was a little skeptical about it but after a month of putting it on my nails 2 times a week - amazing! 


MAC Pretty Please & EOS lip balm in Strawberry Sorbet.

Where can you buy them? MAC counter OR $14.50
EOS lip balm - Target, Walmart, CVS, online. About $2.99

 I love MAC Pretty Please because it is a light pinkish/nude color. I wear this shade A LOT because it's never 'too much' of a lipstick to wear. You can wear it during the day AND at night time with a smokey eye. It has a light shimmer to it, it's definitely my 'go to' lipstick when I'm not sure what to wear on my lips - I always go back to Pretty Please. 

EOS Lip Balm is pretty much heaven on your lips. I have almost all the flavors and I want and need a back up all the time. It's crazy how much I use this on my lips. It feels so good AND tastes wonderful. The package itself is adorable and I have it in my purse or school bag at ALL times! I also like to use this before I apply my lipsticks! It helps your lipstick go on smoother and last longer! Long story short - go buy this, NOW. You won't regret it, and for the price - you can't help but want to buy 5 at a time!


Pantene Pro-V Anti Humidity Hairspray & It's a 10 Miracle Leave In Product


Where I purchased it ? Target for about $5 + tax
Why I love it ? IT DOESN'T GIVE ME FLAKES, BIG plus for me. I used to never use hairspray because it would make my hair so hard and leave the white residue on my hair which isn't very pretty. After I started using this hairspray I really changed my mind. It's easy to work with even AFTER you have sprayed it in your hair ! Which I love, I always use this hair spray when I do my high top bun..I spray it on my hair, comb through it, spray again, comb through it and it always leaves such a nice stay ! I haven't used any other hair spray in months! And it smells so good - a very clean smell ! Check and check! 

It's a 10 
Where did I get it ? Target
How much? $18

I'm ALL for leave in conditioners and this one does 10 things for your hair.
- Repairs dry, damaged hair
-Adds shine
-Controls Frizz
-Seals and protects hair color
-Prevents split ends
-Stops hair breakage
-Creates silkiness
-Enhances natural body
-Flat iron and thermal protector

AND smells awesome!

I love this, I put this in my hair EVERY SINGLE NIGHT BEFORE BED. I have always heard nothing but GREAT things so I gave it a try and it's on my hair every night no matter what ! 


Biore Pore Strips, MAKEUPFOREVER HD Powder, Maybelline Age Rewind 

Where I got them? 
-Pore strips -, Target about $7
-HD Powder, Sephora $32
-Age Rewind, Target about $8-9

Pore strips : I love to use these 2 times a month. You don't wanna use these daily because you need to let your skin breathe SO I like to do it only 2 times a month! The beginning and the end of the month to remove any noticeable pores showing. After deep cleaning my face I love to pop one of these on and pretend I'm at my very own Spa.

Makeup Forever HD powder - love love using this to set my makeup for the day! You can notice the difference on your skin as soon as you apply it. You get a REALLY nice MATTE finish on your face which I lovee - I apply it all over my face but like to really concentrate on my T-zone! It helps not only set your makeup but helps keep your face looking fresh rather than oily! 

Age Rewind - As you can tell by the photo, I am almost done with using up this entire product ! And that alone tells you I really like to use it ! I use this as an under eye concealer AND helps to brighten under my eyes as well. I like that it is a roll on concealer it helps really keeps right under your lashes to get a good cover up! This is the 2nd time I have purchased it. For a drug store concealer, I really LOVE it and the price is very affordable for everyone! 


MAC 187 & MAC Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle

Where to buy? MAC counter or

MAC 187- $42
Skinfinish - $30

These two will probably FOREVER be my favorites! I use them everyday and for as long as I could remember! I love the 187 brush because it really helps to pick up the product & makes it easy to apply the highlighter on my cheek bones! Soft & Gentle has and will always be one of my favorite highlighters for my cheeks AND for summer time I love to put this lightly over my face to give me a nice summer glow look ! 


Earrings purchased at Forever 21 for $4

I have been wearing these a lot lately, they are so simple yet have such a nice sparkle to them that always dress up any outfit I am wearing. I love wearing these especially when I have a high top bun!
I like to either do a statement necklace or statement earrings depending on my outfit ! But I love to always have small earrings I can just grab that will go or dress up any outfit I am wearing for the day!  

& that sums it up for my monthly favorites!
I hope you all enjoyed this post & let me know what are YOUR monthly favorites OR if you have tried any of these ! I hope you girls are having a fantastic week!

Natasha Marie

Smile. Breathe. Believe

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Monday, March 4, 2013

Gel Manicure of the week!

hello darlings! 

If you know me - you know I am obsessed with having my nails done - every day you will see my nails painted! Without polish on my nails..I feel as though my nails look less feminine. As you have seen on a previous blog post I was just recently introduced to my first Gel Manicure done by The Carriage House Day Spa! After the first trial - I was so impressed!
This is now my 2nd Gel Manicure, this manicure lasts FOR DAYS!  It's perfect for anyone who is always busy through out the days and don't have time to sit down and paint your nails! With as much as I do through out my days there were many times I thought I chipped my nails - and 16 days later not one single chip ! Success!

Here is an up close up from my previous Gel Manicure of the week which was called 'Gossip Girl'
This was DAY 16! Amazing.

 Not one single chip, I was amazed. Normally, when I don't have time to make it to the Spa to get my nails done I will do my own nails at home and my polish will usually last a good 8-10 days of no chipping .... but 16 days ? That's a winner in my book!!

Now it was time to remove the polish and get started on another Gel Manicure!
Last time I decided on a very bright hot pink shade! 

 This time I decided on a light pink shade because at the end of the week I was having a black & pink birthday party with my love and all the girls were going to be in pink dresses and I decided to be in a white dress so I decided to go with a subtle pink! It was the perfect shade and had a gorgeous shimmer to it. 
This shade was called 'Make a Difference'

I didn't edit these photos too much because I wanted the color to really show up in the photos.

Here are a few up close photos!

 My nails are finally growing and are at the shape I have been wanting! I file my nails to have the squared shape look, I really like the way they look - most of the time people think my nails are fake because of the square shape look !  The nail strengthener I have been using and I really recommend is the OPI Nail Envy - I purchased it at Target for about $10-$12. If you obsessed with having your nails done & keeping them strong I'd suggest you try it out ! :)

Until next time my readers.

Natasha Marie 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sigma Beauty Discount Code for my readers!

hello my beauties ! How is everyone doing? I have SO much to blog about for the week, I don't even know where to start ! From shopping hauls, BIG EXCITING news, and office decor inspiration - I thought I'd start the week off with a DISCOUNT code for my readers!! For the month of March you will receive 10% off your entire purchase at Sigma Beauty ! Click this link right here ---> SIGMA BEAUTY shop your little heart out & at the end of your transaction put in code SAVE2013 and save 10% off your purchase for all my readers :) 

Today, is 'Pajama Sunday' with my love - which means doing absolutely NOTHING and stay in pajamas all day long! I love these days with him - even though I have a list of things to work on for the day - homework, blogging, editing photos - I still love to make time with him and put everything away and just relax and live in the moment ! Those are my favorite moments - being in over sized pajamas, messy hair, no make up, glasses on and ordering food to the house so we can just be lazy all day long :) I have one REALLY exciting blog coming up that I can't wait to talk about so I will save the rest of my excitement for that ! 

I hope you girls are having your wonderful Sunday. Relax as much as you ca before the busy week starts up again! Enjoy the discount code and let me know what products you guys decided to purchase !

Here is the link again to get to Sigma! ---> SIGMA BEAUTY

Natasha Marie