Monday, December 27, 2010

Facebook questions :)

Hey Babes! Just a quick post, I've gotten emails from you lovely ladies on why I have taken a little long to add you on my page. I have over 250 requests from strange looking perverted guys that send messages that I don't really want them on my page :) So at times I don't even know when I have a new request.
If you guys add me to my page,
make sure you send a little message saying your on my blog so I know who you guys are & so I can add you lovely ladies ! :) I keep my page pretty private and only consists of family & friends & co-workers, but of COURSE you lovely ladies are WELCOME :)
I always have tons of inspiring quotes daily on my page.
Feel free to add darlings.
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Sunday, December 26, 2010

baby, you're a firework

Today has been such a blessing. Christmas was incredible! I will defintely snap some photos of my new gifts! I have never been so thankful. I love the freedom. I've never had so much alone time to myself && I truly am enjoying it.
Tasha Marie

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


"I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together."
Marilyn Monroe

I absolutely live by this quote. There has been so many changes in my life. I hope you girls know that every one of you are beautiful in your own little way. Never let a man make you think differently. I know it's so easy to believe the negative thoughts a person can tell, but just know you are gorgeous in your own ways. It's okay to show your weakness, it's good for your soul, but never let it affect your heart. Every single person is put in your life for a reason - either to teach you a lesson, to love you, to hurt you, and many other reasons but the main reason is to teach you how strong you really are at the end.
Tasha Marie

Sunday, December 12, 2010

hello, haul.

amazing HUGE Steve Madden purse :) I've been on the hunt for a HUMONGOUS black purse. I love the gold on the purse, gives it a vintage look.

Long, silver, gorgeous earrings :) I'm an earrings kind of girl. I LOVE wearing my hair wavy & messy up in a crazy bun with long earrings such as these. They definitely make your outfit complete.

Huge aqua earrings, love them.

Diamond earrings. I haven't had a pair of earrings such as these, so I HAD to buy them :) They have such a classy look.

My gorgeous new camera necklace, everyone knows my passion is photography. Everything and anything that has to do with photography I have to buy it.

Gorgeous rings. <3>

Hello, gorgeous new hat <3>

New blouse :) Check out the shoulder pads. Love it.

Everyone needs a cute poke-a-dot shirt.

Love this rocker t-shirt. It's so long just like I love my outfits to be :)

I finally found my leather jacket with studs I have been going crazy looking for :)

Hey dawls. Hope you guys enjoyed my haul. I had bought a few things the previous weeks && decided to show you guys :) If you all have any questions or prices on where I got the items just let me know :) I love reading your sweet comments, they make me want to keep up writing blogs. I love all my new followers :)

Tasha Marie

"She has FAITH in God's greater plan"

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mascara for the month && tips to keep them strong.

hi gorgeous ladies. this week has been dragging for me, I've been sick the past couple of days. Stuck at home && getting over this horrible flu. BUT on the good side, I was able to relax and have some much needed "me time." Alone in my room - just me && my music always makes me feel better. I organized and cleaned up my room :) I think it's always great for everyone to take a moment and always have some alone time for themselves, it's good for the heart.

My favorite mascara for this month, that makes my eye lashes EXTREMELY longer* is Lancome's Hypnose. Note :: My eyelashes are extremely LONG, I have NEVER in my life used a eyelash curler, I got my lashes from my mom (Thanks, Mom!!) Everywhere I go people think my lashes are fake, or I must have curled them 10 times. haha No joke. This mascara is 24.50 it lasts a long time & has tons of product in it. This product has never let my eyelashes clumpy :) I've never liked putting TONS of mascara to make my eyelashes look like spider legs (lol) BUT a few strokes to make them look thick is what I love to do. I really recommned this product, it gives my lashes TONS of volume. The photo above I used the mascara so I decided to take a photo for you guys. If you can see it seperates my lashes tremendously. It's my favorite <3

A few quick tips:
I ALWAYS take off my mascara at night time. I will never let a day when I sleep with my mascara on, one hUGE reason is because your mascara becomes rough and dried out && that's a very fast way to LOOSE your lashes.

Also, at night time when I take off my mascara BEFORE I take a cotton ball && put some makeup remover over my lashes...I always**** let warm water run and rub my fingers through my mascara GENTLY just so my mascara of the day loosens up a little bit so I'm not going over my lashes so much with the cotton balls & making my lashes fall off.

Another thing, once I'm completely done with washing my face && I'm putting my daily night cream all over my face & neck I always run it throught my lashes with my fingers and run my fingers up on my lashes so they stay condintioned :) Ever since I have done the little things like washing my mascra every night, gently taking off my mascara, and putting the rest of my daily cream onto my lashses.. I've seen a big difference && my lashes hardly come off :)

Hope it helps :)

If you guys have any requests, feel FREE to comment below.

Tasha Marie

"Sometimes it’s good just to take a step back and notice how blessed you really are. Don’t overlook things. Be thankful."

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Just my camera && I

This is my lovely camera. I feel alive when I'm behind it && I'm in charge of making memories that are going to last a lifetime! I've done weddings, engagements, maternity, family photos, glam shots, && kids photos. I'm IN LOVE WITH PHOTOGRAPHY, this is my passion, I believe everyone has a passion, mine is photography. I get paid to do what I was born to do, it never feels like work to me, it's just me hanging out with my camera. It's the greatest feeling in the world. It makes me sad that so many people have a passion for something && are doing nothing with it. I believe you are given these special talents to take on the world. So get out there && work that passion :) Do what you were born to do, and don't ever let anyone get in the way.

Tasha Marie

"if you risk nothing, then you risk everything, so risk everything, fear nothing, and have no regrets"

L'OREAL colour rays.

hi lovely ladies.
On my previous post, I posted photos from my pink/red strips I put in myself*
This is the box I used, it was the MOST EASIEST product I have ever used! I wish I would have taken photos while I was first starting it out, but my camera was charging.
I bought this color at Walmart, for ONLY 10 bucks :) The steps are extremely easy && I would definitely purchase this color again, && I am soon. After about 6 weeks you can recolor the same sections to keep the color alive. I love this little change, I love the way it looks in the sunlight, it gives my hair a little magic. The applicator looks like a mascara wand, you simply seperate the pieces of hair you'd like to color, slowly run the mascara wand on the section of hair, let dry for 30 mins, jump in the shower - && wa-laaa! You have a fun color in your hair!
I would recommened this product for anything that is a little freaked out to spend tons of money at a salon && scared the way it might come out. I was a little scared too at first, but always remember change is always good!

Tasha Marie.

" The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams "

Friday, December 3, 2010

Hi, I'm back, with red strips.

hi gorgeous ladies, I'm back, I've been so busy with school :(
So many fun changes have happened in my life. Lots of bad ones as well, BUT I am seeing them as lessons from God <3>
On the plus side, I wanted a fun change.
Red strips in my hair.
Did it by myself at home :)
They make me happy, what do you think ?
Longer post later.


Monday, June 28, 2010

Picture blog.

Makeup is a work of art <3

xoxo. Tasha Marie

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Outfit of the night.

My favorite ring I like to wear on nights when I am wearing all black, it stands out a lot && I get tons of compliments all the time (: Neon hot pink nailpolish to spark up my outfit.

My studded high heels <3>

I was singing && dancing here in this candid photo of mee (: I was wearing this sexy romper, I love rompers! So fitted to the body :) I added the huge belt and wore some bring blue earrings :)

My sexy heels (left) && my partner in crimes sexy heels :) We love dressing up. Prom style everytime.

I wore my hair straight down with a cute little braid on the side. I went hardcore on my eyes like I love to do :) Bright makeup.. yellow, blue && green. I got a million compliments on the eyes :) Anytime I wear all black I love to play with my eyes. All eyeshadows were from the 120 pallete :)

Enjoy dawls.

Any questions, don't hesitate to ask :)

xoxo. Tasha Marie

"everyday is a fashion show" <3

Sooo excited (:

Hii dawls. Been so busy with school lately. I am sooo excited. I am given the opportunity to be part of the media team && be a photographer at a ANOTHER FASHION SHOW!!!! I am soo thankful and excited. This show will be a summer fashion show with all the newest trends for the summer, I am so excited to capture the moments again and show you guys how mnuch fun it will be (: Short but be back sooooon. !

xoxo. Tasha Marie