Sunday, January 24, 2010

Positive talkk :]

Hair is getting longer, clothes are getting loooose <3>

Hey dawls.

Thought I'd let you know how that awesome and amazing working out plan is going for me !

I've lost over 15lbs :) It feels great. I'm still doing my spinning class everyday & doing Zumba 2 days a week! I have been a lot more healthier and I am having sooo much energy !

I have never been so proud of myself! I am seeing results and my clothes is starting to fit me very loose :) All my family is like omggg your legs look sooo toned & you look sliiim. I'm like awe yay!!!! I feel great && now I get to buy FUN CUTE workout clothes !!!!

I can take photos of my super cute workout clothes for you all :) Maybe I will do that today..

I've never been so excited to go grocery shopping && buy great healthy food!

-wheat pita breads.
-egg whites
-Fruits && veggies
-special K
-orange juice
-baked photo chips
-low fat yogurts

all that yummy stuff :)

I feel so proud.


I don't want to stop this, I want this to be a lifestyle change. Not some diet. Not some anoerexia mind. Just staying positive and making my body stronger than ever!

Remeber to always try to chug your water all day! Water is sooo important :)
I'm in loveee with water, it's all I drink - with EVERY SINGLE MEAL :)

Now I am geting my mom && family want to work out as well :)
We actually got the WiiFit. WOW its sooo much funn!!!

&& truly a workout !!

I had this written on my facebook yesterday && everyone loved iiit. So I thought I'd share with you guys && leave something to make you guys realize you really can do anything in the world !

You will never know what you are capable of doing, until you put yourself out there You might surprise yourself :)

Lots of love.

Tasha Marie

Outfit of the day & Random talk :)

Playing around in the sisters rooooom.

I had a cute outfit on today. lol. So I thought might as well snap some photos ! :)

Everything I am wearing is from the lovely FOREVER 21 <3>

So guess what dawl, my appointment went great and I was HIRED ON THE SPOT !!!! She even got teary looking at my work. So it's official I will be photographing my 2nd wedding !!!

I am so excited beyond anything. It shows me that my hardwork has payed off & more and more people are knowing who I am down here. I've never gotten so many emails from interested people that want photos done by MEEEEE.

On a sad note, my great grandfather passed away @ 5 this morning. It made me sad, he was over 90..he was getting really sick.. and weak, couldn't eat by himself or even go to the restroom on his own. On the other side, it made me happy. Because now hes in a place where he has no cares in the world && he can have fun jumpin on the clouds && he can eat pizza all day long and watch tv all day in pajamas.

I miss him already but I'm so glad he has lived such a long beautiful life !


The wedding is in a month and a half ! I can't believe it. If you guys follow me on my facebook and if you dont follow me on there!! I'm always on iiit just search my full name (Natasha Marie Gutierrez ) the feedback I get from friends is amazing, It pushes me It makes me realize how much people admire my determination !!

i hope you all never give up your dreams, I am sooo excited for the future.

It's going to be a bright future, so put on your Ray Bans <3

Friday, January 22, 2010

:) Photo shoot.

Little Miss Hailey.

This was a fun photo shoot I did with my bestfriends daughter for birthday invitations. She had a blast :) My little model for the day.

Tomorrow is a big day.

I have an appointment with a hopefully new client :) She is very interested in wedding photos. I can't wait, I am a little bit nervous but I'm sure everything will turn out great.

Fingers crossed.

Keep following your dreams ladies.

xoxo. Tasha Marie

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Live the life you imagine :)

Hello dawls :) I finally wore out my super cute hat I got for xmas. It sure was a hit today :] Got compliments EVERYWHERE I went :) Since the hat is a lot of design I put it with a plain white tank top && shorts && vans :) Perfect outfit for the day!

I recently got this ADORABLE sweater @ Charolette Russe for 10 bucksss!!!! Can you believe that?! Yep, it was on the clearance rack - && I love BARGAIN shopping. It's so thick but not too thick :) So I thought I'd share it with you :]

I got this lovely headband from the famous Forever21 . Only about 5 bucks :) Loveee iiiit. I think it looks better with straight hair rather than curly :)
Eyeshadow MAC <3

I recently got some awesome makeup I've been meaning to upload on here. Hopefully tomorrow I will :)

Ohhh, guess what !!!

I have an appointment with a lady that is really interested in hiring me for her wedding in March!! So exciting but nervous as usual lol. It's always a tad bit nervous to meet a complete stranger :)

I hope you all are following your dreams and always know that anything in the world is possible :)

It makes me so happy to see people following their dreams and going after them no matter what anyone says.

Always remember people will always talk. No matter how pretty, skinny, smart, gorgeous, style, or anything wonderful about you - people will always talk. So never let anyone ever put you down. You guys are all beautiful in your own way :)


Tasha Marie

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My healthy tips dawls :)

hiiii dawls :)

wow. I've been working out so much lately. I'm sooo proud of myself.
Guess what... yesterday I did a 5am Spinning Class, a 5pm Spinning Class, AND a 7pm Zumba Class!!! 3 hardcore cardio classes!!! So far I've been doing a whole week and this week of spinning every day!!! I am seeing AMAZING RESULTS :)

Plus, I am trying to eat a lot better as well :) None of this crazy strict diet - no way. Just cutting back and making smarter choices! I have some really great tips that are helping me maintain my food && just some fun tips! I thought I'd share with you lovely ladies!!

- I've been eating breakfast EVERY single day, that is the most important meal of the day...
special K, yogurt with bananas, orange juice, oatmeal with berries, whole wheat bread, egg whites, those are some yummy meals I eat :)

- drinking at least 5-8 bottles of water a day. Sounds crazy but you need to stat hydrated all day. plus, you go to the restroom a lottt lol && helps get rids of anything bad in your tummy.

-as soon as I'm done eating... I brush my teeth :) You know after you eat.. you still have the taste of yummy food in your mouth and then your not hungry but have the craving in your mouth - and then you eat again!! So I brush my teeth to get the taste out of my mouth that is probably the best thing that helps it maintain my meals!!!! Or pop in some gum!

-I always drink at least 2 full glasses of water before I have a good meal. You get fuller quicker. And you know that somtimes your hunger over takes when you are thirsty! So sometimes when you overeat, its because you are just dehydrated!

-Since I've been doing hardcore cardio for the past week and a half, I do stretches every single night and do lunges && squats those are wonderful for your BUTT && LEGS :) Summer here I come!!!

-I've been eating all my fruits && veggies!!

-OMG have you guys tried pita breads?? They are so healthy and great for you!! I totally recommed them so much!! Last night I made tuna && stuffed it inside the pita bread once I grilled it..added some lettuce. tomatoes. avacado. and it was the best healthy sandwhich ever!

- Try not to eat after 7 ! If you crave a night time snack - have some special K cereal :) or a banana :) and drink your water!

-Fruit Senation gum is the BEST ( seen on biggest loser ) it REALLY does help you maintain your appetite!

-Parking far away at the stores lol.. just so I get to walk my way to the stores :)

Those are just a few fun tips that are working with me SO MUCH!!!

I am seeing results ladies :) My clothes are starting to feel loose, and my legs are getting so hard I love iiiitttt :) I am so proud of myself for pushing myself and knowing how strong my body is! I am getting toned & I loveee iiiit :)

If you guys like I'll keep up with this wonderful journey I hope lasts forever and not just a couple of months! lol.

Hope you darling have an amaziiing day today :)

I have another spinning class @ 5pm!

If you guys have any other fun health tips- drop a comment !

Tasha Marie :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A new year with new possibilites, new makeup, new clothes, new outlook on liifee <3

Hiiii GORGEOUS dawls of miiiineee :]

So, the new year has came along.

If you all have been following me on Twitter you've been noticing I have been hitting the gym HARD this whole week & doing spinning classes all weeK- WOW I am seeing some AMAZING results !! && I'm loviiiing it.

Yes, it was one of my new years resolution, but it wasn't the typical "I want to loose 10lbs" negative.

It was ME wanting to have a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. I want to be USED to working out, eating better, being more active!!! I am a very confident girl, I love the person I am (not being cocky - at all) but I have been wanting to TONE UP my body & have a healthy life !

So far, this whole week I have been changing SO MANY bad habits *& I am seeing pounds being dropped! I am waking up a lot more energized! I love it. Spinning class this whole week has been hardcore but I love iiiit .

I did some shopping today & got a few fun things! I'll take photos and post tomorrow!

I am excited on this fun journey I am starting to long lasting healthy life style !

If you guys are wanting to live a healthy life style and be a lot more active like me - let's dooo iiit !!! hehe.

I figured, you only have ONE LIFE, this oNE BODY, might as well take care of it <3

I'll start writing a few of my fun healthy tips soon. I'm no professional trust me, but what works for me - might work for you all too !

Talk soon dawls.

xoxo. Tasha Marie

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My 1st Wedding I shot :)

Hey Dolls :)
First off, I'd like to to say HELLLLOO to my new followers :) As you all know I am a photographer :) I was recently hired to shoot my very 1st wedding a couple of weeks ago!!!

It was the most AMAZING and UNDESCRIBABLE feeling ever. It was a TON of work though. 7 hours of non stop shooting!!! But it was well worth it :)

My clients fell in LOVE with the photos. They were in TEARS. I will never forget the things they told me, they ended up moving to Florida a few days after the wedding. "You are so talented, you are going to get so far!" or "Thank you so much, I love them" it was the greatest accomplishment!

You REALLY are capable of doing EVERYTHING and ANYTHING you want in the world. I proved it to myself, and a TON of other people.

It's a brand new year, and I am ready to keep up with my photography like I never have!! This is my dream, to be a great well known photographer! I want to make it in Hollywood one day I know I can make it :)

I hope everyone had a GREAT new years and set up a few new years resolution and stick with them! I am so looking forward to see what this year will bring to me!

Always follow your dreams girl !!

&& I'd loveee to hear some of your alls resolutions !