Monday, December 26, 2011

Holiday Nails

hi lovely readers,
It feels like it has been FOREVER since I have last wrote a blog! I've gained even more followers so a big hello to all my new gorgeous ladies!
Here are some photos of my "holiday nails" I had for Christmas Eve/Christmas!
This was pretty easy to you & it's completely up to you on how much glitter you want on your nails :) I purchased both of these OPI's at Target for about $8.99 I believe.

The first photo (above) is called CONGENIALITY IS MY MIDDLE NAME, it's a dark dark fuchsia color - it caught my eye walking down the nail polish section. It's gorgeous & Christmas popped in my mind when I saw it !

IN LOVE! This OPI glitter is called CROWN ME ALREADY, as you can tell in the photo above all the tiny sequence in this nail polish. I thought it would come out clumpy but it's all up to how much you want on your nails. I tried it on my bare nail & with even one coat it came out pretty nice but with two more coats the glitter was so pigmented! I love it, (: Definitely recommend this nail polish!

After I coated my nails with CONGENIALITY IS MY MIDDLE NAME (2 coats) & let them dry a bit...I then slowly put a good amount of CROWN ME ALREADY only on the tip of all my nails..after a few seconds on letting them dry I then slowly got a small/medium amount of glitter on my brush and slowly pushed down the glitter to the middle of my nails. I wanted the "faded" look of glitter on my nails. After that was done, I used my Sally Hansen top coat and put them all over my nails & ta-da! Holiday Nails! I love love love the way they came out, this is the first time I've done this look & so many people were complimenting it. I'm planning a look like this for New Year's!

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas was truly wonderful! My family && boyfriend made this year the best it has ever been! I'm feeling more blessed than I ever have & I couldn't be more thankful! My room is flooded with presents it's unreal. I hope all of you had an amazing time with your family!

I'll be blogging a lot more because I love love love it & loveee reading all the lovely comments from each and everyone of you!

Hope you all enjoyed this post!

Natasha Marie

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New Revlon Nail Polish. In love

hiiiii lovely bloggers of mine,
I'm in love love love with this gorgeous nail polish, so in love I decided to write a quick post on this lovely new item that has found a new home in my room along with all my other nail polishes.
This Revlon color is in number 940 & is called "Facests of Fuchia" I purchased it at Target a couple of days - it caught my attention and was thrown in my basket.
It is from the Revlon FALL 2011 Collection by Gucci Westman "EXPRESSIONISTS"
It's GORGEOUS, the details in this nail polish stand out so much, it's not your typical clumpy glitter nail polish at all. It has such a fun "holiday" look, as soon as I tried it on..."NEW YEARS" popped in my head :) I've always loved Revlon nail polishes they last quite a long time & with barely any chipping.

This is one of my favorite TOP COATS, Sally Hansen MEGA SHINE. I put this on almost every shade I ever wear on my nails. It makes your nail polish stand out even more & prevents from chipping. Also, if you tend to have a few streaks on your nail polish but don't want to put another coat of nail polish to prevent it from looking clumpy the top coat is good to even your nail polish out. I got this at Target as well, but a few months ago. If you can't find this exact one, ALL of Sally Hansen products are awesome :) A top coat is definitely important for your nails, you nail polish stays on a LOT longer & you always get a nice shine over your nails.

This nail polish is very very pigmented - I used 3 coats only because I wanted it to look extra dark purple :) Above, I took a quick photo just so you can see how well even 1 coat will look on your nails.

Above photo is from the Revlon website - of all the other items in this collection in case you all wanted to check it out just go to :) All the products are so gorgeous. I'm definitely going back to get some of their eyeshadows for this collection, I'm pretty sure they are limited edition items so get them while they still have them.

Hope you all enjoyed this post && hiii to my newest followers! (:

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Mini haul.

Finally, a day to blog :)
hii to my newest followers (waves at screen with huge smile) & an adorable thank you for all your sweet emails. I love love love getting random emails on beauty related questions!
Here are a few items I picked up - that I definitely didn't need but definitely wanted. I'm excited for all these items and wanted to share them with you.

China Glaze - 963 Blue Iguana
This color is amazing. So bright & has the perfect shimmer look.

Revlon - 940 Facets of Fuchsia
This reminds me of a fun New Year's color I would love to wear. It has a confetti look to it - it's so pretty!

OPI - Step Right Up!
Light pink nude, gorgeous.

Essie - Imported Bubbly
A lighter nude.
I've been loving* the nude nail look, you can never go wrong with that color.

Finally got my hands on these little babies. The times I have checked they've been sold out or only have the darker shades left over. I got lucky today and picked out these two gorgeous colors. I am beyond impressed on how pigmented these are!
Revlon Color Burst Lip Butter
Cotton Candy - I couldn't believe how well this color came on my lips. These aren't considered "lip sticks" but more of a tinted lip conditioner. But they are so pigmented, I'm in loveee with this color. It's a baby doll pink. Not to bright, yet not to dull. I was so surprised to see how well the color is - it has the illusion you are wearing a lipstick. Definitely one of my favorites. I also love love the packaging, they aren't your original lip butter that comes in a little tin can & the color of the packaging is literally the color you get. I love it.

Creme Brulee - The perfect nude.
I'm always a sucker for the perfect nude shade. This color is so creamy. Your lips feel extremely moisturized yet gives the impression you are wearing a lipstick. love love love.

These were both $7.49.

Philosophy - Salt Water Taffy.
Shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath.
lemon taffy scent. I purchased this at TjMaxx, I love love that store. You can find so many fun treasures. This has the most fresh scent ever. I think it also on sale (woohoo) for only about $8, these are normally about $16 so half of that was a good bargain. There is so much product in this bottle - it will last you a good amount of time.

H20 Tango Mango Body Buffer
For clean & smooth looking skin you always need a good exfoliator. I exfoliate my face at least 2 maybe 3 times a week. I found this body buffer also at TjMaxx and decided to give it a try. I used it a few days ago & I loveeee how you can really feel the texture of this body buffer work.
"A multi-textured scrub sensation that combines nourishing extracts of kiwi, apricot, orange and lemon peel to help soften and energize the skin"
I love how fresh it smells & it leaves your skin feeling extra soft..AND it was only about $6 - hello bargain!

The wonderful Burt's Bee. $5.49
I love these. I don't even need to write about these. They are the best :)
These have a pink grapefruit taste, sweeet.
Vitamins C & E for your lips.

Sonia Kashuk - Concealer Palette - Hidden Agenda 07 $8.99
Two concealer shades, one neutralizer and one translucent powder.
This little package is adorable. I've heard many many many good reviews on this little concealer package so I decided to pick it up & give it a try :)

I wore these new babies all day long today on my Christmas shopping day & they are the most comfortable boots ever! & They were a bargain which makes me love them even more. They were regular $59.99 && on sale for $29.99 (score!) They are perfect with skinny jeans or leggings :) & in the summer you can even pair them with little shorts & a cute tank! They aren't thick at all, which I love about them. I didn't want a pair I can ONLY wear when it's cold & these were the perfect ones! :)

Bright blue flats :)
You can never have enough flats. I don't own a pair of blue flats so I had to have these. I love wearing bright colored flats with an outfit to make them stand out. They are pretty comfy also :)

The end.

My insane makeup collection..that's not even HALF of all my makeup. It continues to grow & I love it. I love that I am able to have all this NOT only for MYSELF but for all my friends and family for ANYTHING they need a make over they know where to come :)

Hope you all enjoyed this haul post. I'm going to have a fun time playing around with all my new items :)

Natasha Marie

Sunday, December 4, 2011

How to - decorate your iPhone case!

Hi gorgeous ladies,
I wanted to share with you all my new iPhone case I decorated & share some fun tips.
This honestly ONLY took about a good 20 mins :) This is what happens when you are in the mood to decorate and your iPhone case is right next to you. I've been meaning to decorate my case since I first purchased it but I hadn't had a chance to sit down and get my materials ready.

I've been getting tons of compliments & tons of "I don't have the patience to do that" or "How long did that take you!!"... 20 mins tops :)
& this all costs less than $8!
First & foremost (& to have your phone unique) look around your room and see what little arts and crafts you may already have. The little camera I have on my case is actually from a Forever21 necklace I've had for quite a long time (it was only $1.50) & since I have quite a few of those small necklaces I decided to use it as an accessory. Also, the eiffel tower is actually an earring! (Also from Forever21 & was only $1.50 as well) But I lost the other earring so I figured it would go great on my phone. The heart button was on the bottom of an old arts & crafts box I had & the little key as well. The only items I purchased were the little "bling" decorations. I purchased them at Michael's - they came in a little pack with purple, white, light pink and bright pink & purple for only about $2.99 & the little decorations at the bottom of my case also purchased at Michael's for about $2.99.
I used super glue for this little project & also cut in half a q-tip to help me place the little jewels on my phone. I 1st placed the camera, eiffel tower, little key, and square decorations on my phone were I wanted to glue them & placed those on my phone 1st. Then all I did was grab my super glue and place it on a good medium size & quickly grabbed the end of a q-tip that I cut in half & slowly started grabbing the jewels and placing them all over my phone. Within 20 mins. I was done & had a brand new phone case.
Also, at the end of this little project I put clear nail polish over everything just to make sure everything stays in place. && ta-da! :)


Natasha Marie

Thursday, December 1, 2011

My make up brush holder

hey gorgeous ladies,
I wanted to share with you all my new make up brush holder :)
I've been on a hunt for a unique way to hold my brushes. I didn't want an original clear glass holder or keep them in my make up zip up bag, something different is always fun. I came across this coffee mug at TjMaxx & thought it would be the PERFECT yet unique place to hold my brushes. The cup was only $2.99, TjMaxx is definitely a place to find hidden treasures! Every single time I walk in to that store it gives me inspiration to want to transform my room. I also love most of their prices are set at bargain prices. I'm loving this mug for my brushes it keeps them neat & gives off a nice look that goes perfect for my room.
Here are a new photos:

On some random exciting news, I'm planning of designing business cards for my freelance makeup. I feel it is finally time to make that next step. All these little things excite me to put myself out there. So many people are given a talent & don't seem to use it. Many people are afraid to put themselves out there. I'm not. I want the world to see my talents & this is everything I love. Make up & photography and sharing beauty tips/reviews. The sweetest thing in the world that melts my heart is how much my boyfriend believes in me, every day he tells me how proud he is for always working so hard at what I love the most. I'm truly grateful for this life & never want to take a single day for granted. Life is too short to be anything but happy.

Hope you all enjoyed this mini post,
Natasha Marie

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Put your future in good hands - your own

I love inspiring quotes, they push me to succeed.
I'm so excited for what the future holds.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lovely New Dior Products

Hey lovely ladies && a big hii to my newest followers :)
Here are a few lovely new Dior products I have received && that I am so glad to own because I'm loving these new babies! The above photos is from work one day! We were showing off our new Dior gift packages && our display was amazing !

DiorSkin Shimmer in 001 - $44.00

The blush has been selling like crazy at our counter. It's gorgeous, the first time I tried it on myself I fell in lovee with it. It has 4 different shades of blush and 1 gorgeous hightlighter on the left side. When I use this on my clients I usually use a powder blush and then slightly get a big powder brush and sweep it all over this palette & place is slowly over the apple of their cheek bones. Sometimes, I will even use this shimmer over my face to give me a nice glow. This is considered a "all over shimmer" compact. I loveee it.

Dior Addict Lipgloss - $27.50

The gorgeous lipgloss was kindly sent to me. This is such a "holiday" && Fall color. It's in Draped Lilac. I've worn it out a couple of times && it's definitely a long lasting color. I wore this color with very light eye makeup, just simple black eyeliner && mascara since this has a lot of color. It has a very ultra gloss to it.

DiorShow Eyebrow pencil - $28.00

This is honestly another product that definitely sells a lot. This eyebrow pencil is a universal color - it can fit anyone's shape of brows && color of skin/hair. It gives such a natural look, and all it takes is a few strokes. There is tons of product & is long lasting.

DiorShow Blackout Mascara $24.50

The BLACKEST mascara, ever! This mascara is 10x BLACKER than any other mascara. The blacker the mascara the more of an illusion you give off to thicker lashes. I been using this mascara for the past two weeks && I see such a difference. It lengthens & give your lashes tons of volume.

The amazing AirFlash Foundation $62.00

This product as well, was kindly sent to me. I was so happy to receive this! I use this on almost all my clients and it has been our #1 seller at the counter. This is an "airbrush" type of foundation. You apply this on a flat brush and slowly blend it into your skin. It is a little pricey, BUT the investment is worth it. All you need is two pumps a day, one pump for one side of the face & one more pump for the other side of your face. This product has full coverage, you don't even need to apply a powder over it but you can just to set it. Many customers were VERY skeptical about this foundation thinking there was no way a spray can have this much coverage, once I tried it on them & showed them the proper way to apply it - they were blown away.

Hope you all enjoyed this post.

Natasha Marie

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In response to those who say to stop dreaming and face reality, I say keep dreaming and make reality.

never ever give up on your dreams, you will be surprised how many people truly look up to you for chasing your dreams && putting yourself out there :)

We are each given a talent && it's up to US to make use of it.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Dior experience

Hello my gorgeous little readers,
I love love love when I put time aside for "blog time" I sit cuddled up in a blanket & listen to music...It's so relaxing to me.

As you all read in a previous blog & for those of your that follow my Twitter or Facebook I recently got hired by Dior as their Freelance Make Artist for the holiday season. It has been one of the greatest experience ever I am taking every moment it. I've always always tried to get with a make up company & for some reason it never happened, I almost got a position with Chanel a couple of years ago but it just wasn't my time. I told myself one day I would work for a high end make up company - & NOW I am proud to say I do. I set my mind to it & accomplished something I had always dreamed of. The funny thing is, it came to me without me even looking anymore. I was shopping at the mall & the Dior manager spotted me & my "make up" asked me questions I told her I was confident when it came to make up & applying it to people & that this was my passion - she got my information..a couple of days later she called me & went in to speak to her..thankfully she loved me but then the serious interview was the next day with Dior's Account Executive that flew in from Dallas just to meet me. I won't lie I was TERRIFIED, but I told myself "just go in there & do what you love to do." She walks in looking like a million dollar celebrity along with the top trainer for Dior which gave me a little fright. We meet, do some talking..& she says "This is our TOP make up artist & TOP trainer for Dior...take off all her make up & do a full make over on her - show me what you got!" My heart dropped but I was ready. I gave her a facial gave her a "day time" to "night time" look with the same shadow palette - I was nervous knowing this is their TOP Dior executive but once I started playing around with the make up all my little butterflies went away - THEY LOVED IT. Completely fell in love the main Account Executive takes a look while slowly turns her face looks at me "You got it, I want you to work a huge event tomorrow 12-8 can you make it" I wanted to cry, I almost screamed YES without even knowing if I had anything planned. I walked out feeling on top of the world. I sent a massive text to my boyfriend, family & friends "I officially work for DIOR!!!" Every single response made me teary "I knew it !!" "Omg I am soo proud of you!" My boyfriends especially made me cry, he was so proud & took me out to dinner and wanted to hear every single detail.

The next day was a HUGE EVENT for Dior, their Top Artists from Dallas flew down. I was nervous but they were my role models for the day. They were willing to show me a huge amount of tips. All my nervousness went away, I knew I was meant to do this. My very first "make over" on a client my new boss was shadowing me - I did what I knew and I made my client feel comfortable..after that ..I did at least 14 other make overs. They loved it & wanted to purchase every product. As I watch the other artists I realized they were in my shoes one day.. a little nervous, intimidated by such great experience they may have, and big dreams. I realized you need to start from the bottom to make it to the top. I realized you need to continue to put yourself out there & show the world your talents and it will all be returned to you one day. I realized you need to take in all the tips and tricks you possibly can because in the make up industry there is a never ending tips for you to know. My optimistic mind never went south & because of that I got the job I have always wanted.

Here is a photo of a make over I did a couple of days ago :) She absolutely loved it. I got her out of her comfort zone. She mentioned to me she "wants to wear colors, but I'm a little scared" I told her change is fun & it's a great way to express yourself. After showing her once I was finished she even got teary "I feel beautiful, thank you" best feeling in the world.

The lovely Dior counter & the photo down below - my make up kit.

These are two looks I had a couple of days at work. My make up for work is usually a "dramatic look" - smokey fun eyes & a bright fun lipstick. I'm not afraid of color/change, it's a way I express myself. I get excited to do my make up for work - I have to wear all black, so my uniform is pretty much how I do my eye makeup. I am the youngest working for them so my boss pushes me even more to do my make up "dramatic" to get customers to want to try our amazing products.

I think the best feeling in the world is after I am done doing a make up & let them see the mirror they sometimes can't believe the way they look & they will just look at me and say "I've never felt so beautiful" or "thank you I feel very confident" "Your work is breathtaking" best feeling ever!

Top questions I usually always get while I am giving a make over & having conversation with my clients...

"Who taught you how to do make up?"
No one :) I learned on myself. Ever since middle school I was always playing around with make up, then high school I was always the friend that would do everyones make up for dances or occasions. I feel that practice makes perfect. If I'm home after a long day & all done with everything I need for that day - I'll play around with eye shadows and come up with different looks just for fun. I am a self taught artist, I gather any tips I possibly can. Everyday I learn something new about make up, I read up magazines, anything and everything to learn something.

"Do you have a YouTube channel I can follow so I can learn more?"

ahhhh, I NEED TO START. I honestly have just had zero time since it's the ending of a semester but hopefully by next week I can have a day! I want to do shopping hauls, how to, tutorials, everything! I loveeee sharing everything I know :)

"Do you have any advice for me, I am JUST getting into make up & I have no idea what to do"

PLAY AROUND WITH IT :) You'll never know if you don't "like a look" if you don't mess around with your colors. Have fun with it. Have different looks, try fun colors to get out of your comfort zone. Practice on yourself once your home with nothing to do. Start by purchasing good quality products at a Drugstore, Target, CVS to learn more & once you feel you are confident you can start investing in higher brand make up - not that you have to, but only if you want too :)

Hope you all enjoyed this blog post, sorry it's pretty much a novel :)
I hope this inspired you to always have an open mind & be confident in yourself if you know what you are capable of achieving. If you don't push yourself & put yourself out there you'll never get to wear you know you deserve.


Natasha Marie

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