Sunday, April 29, 2012

Target HAUL.

hi lovelies, ♡
I can never get enough Target ! I picked up some goodies the other day when I went in only to pick out a baby shower gift & bag! (happens all the time)
I LOVE Target because their prices are always* pocket friendly!
& their make up section is always so appealing!!
Now, let's see what I got..

-COVERGIRL lipstick in 400 Temptress Charmeuse
I love love love trying out drugstore brand lipsticks & Covergirl has always been a top in my list. I also love the affordable price of only about $6-7 bucks! (hello, bargain!)
I love the color - a pinkish doll color, perfect for Spring!

-ESSIE; "Orange, it's obvious!" from their Spring line!
This color definitely stood out from the rest of the shades. Now, I know you guys probably think I have this obsession with polish (yes, I do) BUT the reason I keep buying them is because I love love changing my nail color so I see them as a good investment because they always come to good use, especially for all my girl friends as well! This color is bright orange; sooo gorgeous!

-LOREAL; Tweet Me.
Ahhh, this color is GORGEOUS! The picture above does no justice for how pretty they are in person! I do own a bright neon yellow but this one is more glittery! The undertone has some gold in it which made me throw this in my basket! Plus, it was only about $5 !

I love trying out new concealers! Especially drug store brands because they have always worked out great for me. I've always hear great reviews on Loreal's True Match line; since I was good on foundation and powder at home I decided to try out their concealer! I'm in color Light/Medium; I actually used it today and was surprised with how much coverage it did for my under eyes! I think that was about $6-7 maybe so it's very affordable for anyone wanting to try out a new concealer!

-Loreal Lineur Intense felt tip liner in Carbon Black; I've purchased this countless times! My ultimate favorite liquid eyeliner is by Lancome but since I was picking up a few more items I decided to pick up this one as well to have as a back up. I LOVEEE this eyeliner and recommend it to anyone looking for a good solid liner that won't hurt your wallet : ) This was about $8.

-Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in Peach Satin
This blush is so incredibly soft when you apply it to your cheeks its crazy! This is my 2nd time purchasing one of these Dream Bouncy blushes! There's actually tons of product in this cute package! I think it was about $6 :)

-Maybelline Eyestudio in Irresistibly Ivy about $5.
As much as I love all my big eye shadow palettes I also lovee having these small shadows because they are always great for traveling or even to always keep in your make bag in your purse for touch ups!

-Maybelline Color Tattoo in Tenacious Teal
LOVE these! You don't even need to apply a primer for these colors because they are extra pigmented! I also have the gold one so I decided to pick up a fun color as well.

-Rimmel London colored eyeliners in Royal Blue and Exaggerate about $4.
I have the black and brown liners from this line and I have always bragged about these how long they last ! Since summer time is coming up I lovee using colored liners rather than black on my waterline. I totally recommend these for anyone looking for fun colored eyeliners! They can spark up any outfit :)

The make up wipes I live by; Neutrogena cleaning wipes, $4.99
I love these & last a month - $5 for a whole month is such a good bargain! I love the way they leave my face feeling extra soft and never dry :)

NYC bronzer in Sunny.
I don't even think I need to write about this lovely bronzer. I know many people swear by this bronzer and I love it. It's about $3 and I have purchased this at least 5+ times! Love it.

what makes me smile:
- going after my dreams.
-reading inspiring books.
-dreaming of the future.
-my boyfriend that I'm going to spend my life with..

Choosing to be positive and having a grateful attitude is going to determine how you're going to live your life.

I have lots to be grateful for in this life. I have been given this amazing life and I am going to continue to cherish every moment. No negativity because my life is filled with so much happiness. I have been surrounded with such beautiful people I feel there is no need to spend a day with an negative thoughts. I can't thank God enough.

Hope you girls enjoyed this post,
Natasha Marie

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Eye make up for the day.

hey lovlies!
Here's a quick post on my eye make up for the day! Today I had my best friends baby shower & I wore a long black summer dress so I decided to add some color to my eyes :)

Naked Palette- Virgin as highlight.
Naked Palette - Half Baked on eyelids.
MAC shadow in Electric Eel on outer lid.
Revlon 3D Mascara in black.
Lancome liquid liner on top.
Loreal Extra Intense liquid pencil liner on bottom.

Hope you girls are having a beautiful day today!

Natasha Marie

“Keep doing the right. God is building character in you, and you are passing that test. Remember, the greater the struggle, the greater the reward.”

Friday, April 27, 2012

Apothica HAUL.

hey lovelies ! :)
I'm loving the large amount of views I am getting daily, it puts the biggest smile on my face!!
The giveaway went GREAT && I'm so excited for Sabrina to have a chance to pick out something fabulous from!

Mr. Mailman is my official new best friend. My sponsors were lovely enough to let me pick out a few items from their sites! I was SO thrilled - it seemed as if I spent the entire day online window shopping to pick out some must haves! I am incredibly thankful for these opportunities I have and even more grateful I have the chance to share all these fun experiences with you girls!
Now, let's get started. xo

The beautiful DEBORAH LIPPMANN nail polish. This polish is too beautiful for words and this photo does no justice for how gorgeous it is! This was the 1st item that went directly to "add to cart" I have ALWAYS wanted one of these polishes BUT for $18 I just couldn't see myself spending almost $20 bucks on a polish! Huge thank you to my sponsors! (hugs computer)
The shade is "Across the Universe" as soon as I tried it on I was speechless on how gorgeous it was! It probably won't be too exciting to take off considering it is mostly glitter but to see it on my nails is well worth it :) The package alone is gorgeous! I'm glad to finally have one of these babies sitting nicely in my room! If you are interested feel free to check out their site! They have tons of other polishes for $18 :)

Too Faced Lipstick $19.80 I've never tried a lipstick from Too Faced so I was pretty excited to pick out one of these! I read the reviews and they were pretty convincing. Pigmented, lasted more than 4+hours, shine - sold! This shade is in Pink Flamingo; it's more of a coral color which I love because I don't really own a coral lip stick (I probably DO BUT still wanted it - of course) I did a swatch on my hand as soon as I got it & definitely was impressed with how pigmented it was!

Essie Nail Polish - $8 I'm a sucker for nail polishes! I love love love painting my nails, it's apart of my "me time" late at night while I'm blogging, reading emails, & relaxing. I saw this shade and didn't have it so I figured - why not! This shade is in Naked Truth. Excuse the horrible photo quality, I took these photos in my room at night with not much natural light in the room (oops) BUT I'm really liking it :) It's a light nude/pinkish color! These is the shade of color I usually go to when I am being indecisive and just want something on my nails!

Ballmania Decades Collection Lip Balm.
This is probably the most delicious lip balm ever! I've never tasted a lip balm that tastes as good as this little baby! I've always heard great things about this lip balm so of course I had to have one. I LOVE the packaging, I can just throw it in my purse and dig through it when I need it and will have no problem finding it with its cute packaging! I think this product was less than $5 I believe so you can't beat that price and I was worried there wasn't going to be that much product in it because it looked a bit small but it really does have a lot :)

& then last but not least; cute samples to try out! :) All in all, I'm loving my new beauty products! I was VERY impressed with how FAST the shipping was! Within two days the mail man was once again at my house dropping me off a package! :)

What I'm loving these days.
-My friends; I have truly been blessed with some of the most beautiful friends in the world.
-The opportunities that keep happening for me; I am truly thankful.
-Waking up with a big smile on my face and knowing every morning is a brand new way to start your life amazing.
-Dreaming of the future.
-My followers/sweet comments/emails they make my day, I love reading "you inspire me" those are THE greatest emails I get. I love to inspire everyone, I want EVERYONE to always know they are capable of achieving anything and everything that you want in life. It's only up to you to make the next step.
-My room; you're probably thinking "your room?" Yes, my room inspires me. The jewelry hanging on my wall, the vintage thrift store keepers that hang on my curtains, the row of high heels I am looking at right now, my photography hanging up in my room, the numerous nail polishes I have, the packages I have from sweet companies - all of this inspires me :)
& last but not least.
-My Boyfriend. My one and only. My future. The man that holds my heart. I thank God every second for this beautiful person he placed in my life to save me from ever getting hurt again for the rest of my life. My heart is at peace with him, my heart is smiling, and my heart has finally found the one. He is the most supportive man to ever be in my life. He pushes me, he believes in me, he wants to me conquer all my dreams, he makes me feel #1 every second of every day. I fall in love with the boy every single morning when I wake up with him. He plans our future, he talks about our future wedding, he talks about giving me the world & I couldn't feel more lucky to have this person in my life. (I totally got teary writing this little part by the way, yup, I did) he's the #1 thing that makes my life complete. With him, I feel like I have it all. <3

Hope you girls enjoyed this post, Love. Natasha Marie

..Forever beside you, spending my life loving one man.."

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Gfit Card WINNER!

Hey girls!
I have some exciting news it's time to announce the winner of the fabulous


You now have a chance to pick out anything from these 3 lovely companies!
I hope you enjoy your gift card & I would loveee to know what you decide to pick!
My sponsors will be in contact with you shortly !
Congrats doll & thanks for joining the contest!!

Thanks to everyone else who participated in this contest ! There will be plenty more in the future so keep on checking back on my blog!

Natasha Marie

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Eye make up for the day.

Hey loves!
Here was my very simple with a little Sephora spark eye look today!
I was out running errands today && had a photo shoot today on the island so I kept my make up pretty simple but wanted to add a little something fun to it.
Down below are the exact products I used on my eyes in case you girls are interested in wanting to achieve this look! It took me less than 10 mins to do it, just goes to show that doing your makeup doesn't always have to take long :)
And even when you want a simple look - a little color never hurts!

- Photoready 3D Mascara in blackest black.
I love changing up my mascara every once in a while to try out different brands, I love MAC mascaras but I also love to experience with drug store brands as well :)
I'm really liking this mascara. My lashes are so long it's not normal, I don't and have never used an eye lash curler I think they would hit my eyebrows if I did that ! lol. So far, really loving it and it only costs about $6 at Target !

-Urban Decay Primer Potion
-My favorite eye lid primer ! I've also loved Lancome as well but I always go back to this one. Even though I didn't wear an eyeshadow over my lid I still wanted my shimmer to last on my lids.

-Sephora Eyeliner in Lagoon
- I love Sephora's mini eyeliners! And I also love that they are about $5 - that's a bargain! You can't go wrong with that price. I have purple, green, black, and I think pink. LOVE them. Definitely worth the price! I just applied this on my waterline only to keep it simple.

-MAC Skin Finish in Soft & Gentle in corner of the eye & lid.
-Pretty much my favorite Skin Finish ever. I love adding this to the corner of my eyes and a little bit under my bottom lashes, I also applied just a little on my lid to have some shimmer :)
& TA DA that was the easiest look ever !

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Hope you all enjoyed this little post.

Love you all.

Natasha Marie

“Be the one to stand out in the crowd.”

Tuesday, April 17, 2012



Hey girls! I have some amazing news for all you beautiful ladies and you girls have a chance to win a $20 GIFTCARD to some of the greatest companies! I’m hosting a giveaway from my new sponsor, SkinCareRx, for a chance to win a $20 gift card (redeemable at SkinCareRx, Apothica, or SkinBotanica). If you girls haven’t checked out these sites yet, please click on the links to get you to their site! SkinCareRx carries any product you can possibly think of when it comes to your skin, like I’ve said in previous posts - the most important thing to do for your skin is to always keep it hydrated with creams – SkinCareRx offers Anti-Aging, hydrating, brightening, firming, and exfoliating creams all fit for your specific skin type which is great! Apohtica offers Bath & Body products, Fragance, Haircare, Skincare, and my favorite MAKEUP – they offer brands such as TooFaced, Deborah Lippmann, Laura Geller, Cargo & tons more! & last but not least SkinBotanica – they feature lovely products that are ALL natural & organic beauty products! As you all know from previous blogs – I’m obsessed with my Clarisonic and SkinCareRx carries some of the Best Clarisonic Mia which is the smaller version yet still does the exact same amazing work for your skin! The Mia comes in numerous colors such as white, yellow, lavender, turquoise, pink, blue, and green! I absolutely live by my Clarisonic!

How to win this lovely $20 GIFTCARD ?

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I’ll be leaving this open for a week so all you girls are able to have time to check out their site & leave me your comments!! Once I have chosen a winner I will be in contact with you!

Good luck girls,


Natasha Marie

Natural Eye Make-up.

Hey lovely ladies of mine!
How are all my sweet bloggers doing? Wonderful I hope. Life has been going so amazing lately, I have been waking up every single morning thanking God for this life. I'm full of happiness every day. Life is far too precious to take a single day for granted! :)
I wanted to share with you guys a very easy & simple natural look I usually do during the week while at school or running errands! These were from last week but I finally have some time to get some blogging done :)

Simple Eye Look :)
Products used :: You don't have* to use all these brands to get this look, you can always use any brand that has similar colors like the ones I used.

-Naked Palette: Virgin all over my eyelid.
-MAC: Skin finish in Soft & Gentle in the corner of my eye. (My favorite!)
-Dior Mascara: Blackout. (Blackest mascara on the market, fyi :) )
-Anastasia highlight under brows. (LOVE)
-Loreal black eyeliner in blackest black.

Those are the only products I used for this look. It takes me less than 15 mins! I usually wear this look during the week or at least something similar to it. During the week I keep my make up pretty simple but with the MAC skin finish (Soft & Gentle) in the corner of my eyes it always gives it that little spark! Now when the weekend comes around when I'm obviously more dressed up and ready to go out with my girls - I always play around with my colors! Sometimes also what I will do during the week if I'm not wearing too much make up on my eyes & if I feel I look sleepy - I like to put a little blue eyeliner on the water line and keep it simple with just mascara! That's always a little fun way to dress up your face just a little if you don't want to do much :)

My photography.

To my newest followers who have just started following my blog (waves at computer screen) not only am I a huge girly girl that loves to talk about beauty products with girls from all over the world and loves inspiring people to go after their dreams - I'm also a freelance photographer!
I wanted to share with you a few photos I have been editing this week :) These are some of my favorites! I'm working on wedding photos & engagement photos! Photography is my passion! Make up is as well - I love the feeling of doing a complete make over on someone and seeing their reaction in the mirror once I'm done it's the best feeling ever! But photography is just heaven to me. I love being in charge of capturing moments for people that are going to last a lifetime! I'm very proud of where I am right now and how much I have accomplished with my business! I have done 5 weddings (big & small) and countless maternity, family portraits, kid portraits, birthday parties, a fashion show, glamour new borns etc etc. It's been such an incredible journey. I thank God everyday for giving me this talent.
Here is the link to my business page on Facebook if you girls would like to take a look at it & see the rest of my work - "like" it for all my updates!

Natasha Marie Photography
^^^ click the link for my page!

Lately, I have truly been thanking God - for everything. My beautiful friends, my huge family, my wonderful boyfriend and just this life in general. I feel extremely blessed for everything I have! It's one of the best feelings in the world! So many opportunities are coming up and it's too exciting to even put into words! Something huge has even happened for my blog - that I will talk about in a separate blog post :) There are so many big things that are going to start happening! Another fun thing to look forward to - I'm finally going to start making YOUTUBE videos - so exciting! Tons of my followers and people on my Facebook have told me countless time I NEED to start making youtube since I love make up so much and LOVE teaching people all my tips and techniques! So that is something I am so excited about - my boyfriend and I are planning a trip this week to go out and look for the perfect HD video camera so if you guys know of any please let me know :) He's buying it for me as a "I'm so proud of you" gift - he's the most supportive person that has ever been in my life! He pushes me every single day and anytime I book a photo shoot or get an exciting email from a company - OR ANYTHING he his ALWAYS* with the biggest smile on his face telling me how proud he is of me! He's beautiful. I've learned in life that YOU are the only person in control of your life and it's up to YOU to make changes :) A million beautiful opportunities have happened to me because I put myself out there and show the world what I am capable of doing and in return - I get some amazing opportunities.
Never settle.
Go after everything and anything you want in your life.
It's up to you to make changes.
It's up to you to put yourself out there to the world.
Anything is possible.
& no dream is ever too big.


Till next time lovely ladies,
Love you all.

Natasha Marie

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easy Nail Art.

hey girls! ( & my cute boyfriend because he reads my blogs all the time lol)
I wanted to share with you guys this very easy and fun way to spark up your nails. I wanted to have "Spring colorful" nails. I went through my nail polish collection and chose these bright colors. You can do this with ANY color you wish. All you will need is a base coat - and 4 other nail polishes you wish to have. (or more - completely up to you) 4 toothpicks and a top coat :) && that's it. Easy as 1,2,3.

This is the final look. It's different and it's fun. They really stand out since I chose bright neon colors - but the colors are up to you!

I ended up with picking out this bright pink nailpolish as the base coat, I wanted a bright color at the bottom so my neon colors would stand out a lot. I applied this to my nails & applied a top coat so when I added the dots they would already be dried up. It was my first time doing this on my nails so I didn't want it to get messy!

Pick out 4 different colors. (or more) but I decided just to go with four. I wanted to go with Spring colors that would pop out on my nails.
The colors I picked were::
-Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in LIMESTONE (Target)
-Color Club Professional Nail in ALMOST FAMOUS (HEB)
-Revlon in Minted (my favorite Mint color) (Target)
-Revlon in Posh Pink (Target)

I then got a blank piece of paper & slowly added some polish on the paper with the brush, you don't need a lot - I just used two brush applications.

This is the part where you need just a little patience. I slowly dabbed the end of the toothpick into the polish and in a straight angle applied the little dots on my nails. I decided to just do them on the right side of my nails instead of the entire nail but you can do it however you like. Once you get the hang of applying the polish to your nails with the toothpick it will get easy :)

& then I used my favorite Top Coat - in 30 seconds your nails are completely dry! I loveee this, and it was only about $3 at Target :) Definitely recommend it.

&& this is how they look in the end :) Extremely easy and only took a few extra mins to add that spark to your nails! :) I hope you all enjoyed this lovely post and saw how easy it was to do this at home!

Life has been going more better than I could ever imagine & I hope life is going just as amazing for you guys. I really appreciate all the comments you guys leave me and I love all my new followers!

Natasha Marie

“Quit worrying about how everything is going to turn out. Live one day at a time; better yet, make the most of this moment. It’s good to have a big – picture outlook, to set goals, to establish budgets and make plans, but if you’re always living in the future, you’re never really enjoying the present in the way God wants you to.”