Saturday, August 31, 2013

inspiration and night look.

hello lovelies,

What inspires you? What gets your mind full of thousands of ideas?

It's a beautiful feeling knowing you are passionate about something in life. Everyone has a passion for something - some of us are running towards our dreams and others are afraid of all the "what ifs" 
Life is far too short to be afraid to go after all of your dreams, it sounds cliche, but in the end - your life is in your hands, it is up to you to live the life you have always dreamt of. I truly love knowing I am in charge of my life - in charge of how far I really want to succeed. Every day I set goals for my days, not expectations. When you set goals is gives you the extra little push for your day - if you expect too much you might let yourself down if you don't get everything done.

Go after what you want in life, regardless of what others will think or say.
This is your life - make it worth while. 

You know what I love doing when I have a little alone time in my office room?
I write down everything in my life I have accomplished & has made me proud. Try it out, it really helps you stay on track and really allows you to see what you have done for yourself. 

Nothing feels better than feeling accomplished.
& I know this is just the beginning :)

What are you goals for life?

Here are a few photos from night look a couple of days ago. 

Sleek bun.
Extra hair spray.
Pink lips.
A little smokey eyes.
Statement earrings.
A little blush.
Long sleeveless summer dress.

What are some of your favorite night looks?

Until next blog post lovelies.
and always dream big. 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

10% code for your Sigma purchase!

hello my sweet beauties! 

If you are a fan of Sigma Beauty products, like myself, then this is something you should definitely take advantage of ! 10% off your entire purchase at Sigma! 

Click my link down below and shop your little heart out and don't forget to use my discount code :) 

I recently purchased a new brush kit from Sigma (I'll be blogging about them soon) and used the 10% discount! I highly recommend using any discount codes you find for online purchases - they are everywhere & saving money is always important :) I am loving my new brushes, I needed a new professional kit that is easy for me to take for makeup appointments! I can't wait to blog about them! 

What's on your wish list from Sigma? 

Guess what else is going on at Sigma....

Labor Day SALE! 20% off all individual eye shadows! Just use their discount code SAVE20LD
This promotion starts on Friday, August 30 through Monday, September 2. 
Happy Shopping!

If you guys end up using any of these discount codes I'd loveeee to see what you ended up purchasing - just leave me a comment down below! 

Hope you all are having a fabulous day!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My week in photos!

hello loves,

How is everyones week going by so far? I know it's back to school for a lot of you - whether its middle school, high school, or college - I wish all you the best of luck! 

I'll be writing a few "back to school" posts for you guys soon! 
What to keep in your bag, basic makeup to have on you, items you should never leave your house without - etc :) 
Here's a mini post over a few photos I posted over the past week. If you don't follow me on FB or my IG these will be new photos to your eyes. Some photos I just post on my IG and others just on my FB:)


I live by quotes, I have them all over the house. They instantly brighten up my day, I love reading a quote and thinking "that is so true!" I save some of my favorites and print them out to put in my office room. I have always been a huge fan of quotes, since I was in middle school! I love this quote, staying humble is so important. The world has tons of beauty and only some people truly notice it. There is also something to always be thankful for, every single day, no matter what. I always try and keep that in mind and that keeps my positive mind set alive daily. 

Anytime I'm on the phone with one of my friends or my sister - I start to organize my makeup collection. I took this photo a couple of days ago of a few of my blushes, notice I wrote a FEW, yes I have tons more! lol. Blushes make such a big difference in your makeup routine, they make you look more awake and polished!

Our target finally carries NYX products! So, you know I had to make my way over there to pick up a few goodies! This is my NYX haul - I'll be posting a separate post with swatches on these new babies :) I have a few NYX products already and I love how pigmented they are. 

Night look.
I decided to spark up my eyes a bit with this new NYX Liquid Crystal Silk Liner in 104 aka: GOLD :) 
This was the first time trying this product out - I decided to place it on top of my black liner and I loved the way it looked. When you blink you are able to see just a glimpse of the glitter over your eyes. No eyeshadow was needed just a pop of color on your lips! It lasted all night and was really pigmented! 

Target Haul
I should really stop heading over to Target, right? Nah!
I love it TOO MJUCH. This was a mini Target haul from last week. I picked up a few lipglosses, the new Revlon Lash potion which I've been using this week - so good for lengthening! I have a photo wearing this mascara on my IG, some new vitamins, hair products, face products - you know, the typical Tasha haul! 

Have you girls done any shopping this past week? 
What did you purchase? 

Hope you all had a fabulous day!

If you are new to my blog - send me your blog links in the comment box down below, I love checking out new blogs! 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

This months Ipsy bag - LOVE

To me, Ipsy just keeps getting better and better!
I'm loving this bag for the month, actually, I've loved every single bag that I've purchased since I first subscribed! :)

In this months Ipsy bag I got...

~Urban Decay lipstick & swatch in Anarchy, Pixi lash booster, Michael Todd facial scrub in & swatch, MICA shadow and swatch in Bronze. I didn't use any filter on this photo so you can see the true colors of the products! 

For all the girls that are new to Ipsy and aren't sure what exactly it is..

What is Ipsy?

Ipsy is a monthly subscription of $10 a month which you receive a good quality bag with up to 4-5 (high end) products. I'm not affiliated with Ipsy in any way, I pay right out of my pocket for this subscription. Every month there is a different theme of Ipsy - your bag will be related to the theme for that month and the products you receive in your bag are matched to the answers of the beauty quiz sent to you. It's such a simple subscription with no hidden fees, you can cancel at any time and there's no tax $10.00 flat. Sounds like a deal to me! 

You are also sent discount codes for all the products you get in your bag incase you want to purchase the full size! I love love love this subscription, I've seen other monthly subscriptions online but this is the only one that was caught my attention. 

Would I recommend this to you girls?

Sometimes, during busy weeks I forget about Ipsy  - till I get a nice little pink bag waiting in our mailbox!
It's like a present every month to yourself!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Nails of the weel - Hello White!

Hello my beauties! 

It's finally "nail of the week" time!

This week at The Carriage House Day Spa we picked the perfect white for my Gel Manicure! I have always been a huge fan of WHITE, - so clean, simple, and classy! 

On my ring finger, we added just a glimpse of glitter, not too much, not too little :)

I must say, I am hooked on Gel Manicure! I should definitely give away my entire nail polish collection since Gel Manicure has taken over my heart - 14 days with no chipping and continuous shine? Yes, please!

What I love about white nail polish?

~ It goes with all your outfits.
~Looks so clean/fresh.
~It's the perfect summer shade.
~Easy to clean off if you get any foundation/makeup on your nails.
~So girly.

Plus, Fall is around the corner so it's time to take advantage of these beautiful shades before it's time to bring out the darker shades of color!

What is your favorite summer shade?

Until next time my beauties.


Thursday, August 1, 2013


hello lovelies!
I'm BEYOND excited for todays blog post!

The newest hair tool is now being offered at The Carriage House Day Spa and Ella & myself got to test it out the other day - I am amazed by it :) 

I think it's very natural to become skeptical about a hair tool that comes out and tells you how easy it is to give you the waves you have always wanted - I know I'm guilty of it !

But this time, I got to try it out on myself! And I have the photos to prove it, let's get started!

Once Teri (Spa owner) mentioned to me how excited she was about this product  & how long it took for her to get it because it has been on back order - I was so interested! 

A little info on the MiraCurl:

~ The world's first fully automatic professional hair curler
~ Creates the perfect curl even for the straightest hair
~ Very lightweight tool
~You get to decide how tight or loose you want your curl
~ The MiraCurl actually sucks in your hair, you hold it till you hear the beep - let it go, and you have the perfect curl
~ You don't feel any heat OR pull to your hair at all (that was the first thing I noticed while they tested it out on me)

& now to put it to the test ! 

Here, Ella, is the 1st to put it to the test. We decided to test it on both of us since she has short/medium hair & I have long hair. We wanted to see the results on two different types of hairstyles! :)

You can already see the difference alone in the photo down below!
Once the MiraCurl sucks in your hair, it holds it for a few short seconds, once it beeps you slowly release the tool from your hair. I love how simple it is!

Ella tries it out for herself & puts it to the test. I couldn't believe how fast it took to do half of her hair. I think this product would do wonders for people who have really straight hair and feel they can't do anything with their hair. 

Ella's BEFORE photo..... 

Seriously, the perfect curl. 
These are actually considered the "tight" curls - you can always mess with the settings on the side to give you the more loose curls. Or you can do this at night, sleep on it, and once you wake up you will have more wavy curls. 

My turn :)
This was my hair before....

 & during the process! We also did the 'tight' curls on me just so we were able to see how well the curl was coming out. I was so amazed by how simple it was while Connie did my hair and even more amazed at how light weight the tool is once you do it on yourself. It's probably the fastest hair curling tool I have ever tried on myself. 

& the after curls ! Wow, my hair looks extra short in this photo! lol. But I'm glad you are able to see how well the curl comes out ! Carven actually went with me to the Spa to help me record a video and he even said "Wow, that's really cool!" lol and for a guy to say that - that really tells you something!

I usually use the cone to put curls in my hair and this took half the time to do my hair!
Ella & I couldn't stop saying "Wow!" It was fun experimenting with this tool! I definitely give it a thumbs up! By these photos alone you can see the major results! 

Now you know what to ask for as your #1 presents for Christmas, lol. 

Hope you all enjoyed this review!

Take a look at The Carriage House Day Spa on Facebook to watch the video we made over this product and you can watch it work its magic! 

Natasha Marie