Friday, November 27, 2009

Tomorrow is the big day! Pray I do wonderful :)

Hello my wonderful, gorgeous bloggers! Just want to say a little HELLO to all my new followers, so glad you all liked my blog and decided to follow!

As you all know if you have been keeping up with my blog I am a photographer :)

The BIG WEDDING is tomorrow!!! A few weeks ago I got hired to shoot my very 1st wedding! I can't believe it :) I am SO EXCITED, and so THANKFUL I was given the opportunity and that they loved my photos SOOO MUCH that they decided to have me photograph the precious moments of tomorrow!

I am a little bit nervous..I must admit.

But I know once I shoot a few photos..I am going to be in heaven.

Pray that I do wonderful & get the most wonderful photos in the world. I have left ALL MY CLIENTS in tears of happiness and I hope to do the same! This is going to be such a HUGE DAY for me!! Never in my life would I have thought at 22 I would be photographing my very 1st wedding! Pure blisss <3>

This was my makeup for the day :) Blue eyes!..They make my brown eyes POP ! So when you have dark eyes, use a bright eyeshadow to make your eyes gorgeous and stand out !

Well gorgeous ladies.

Wish me luck tomorrow.

I am more excited than nervous knowing these photos will be in the palm of my hands!

I hope each of you know you REALLY ARE capable of conquering anything in the world that you want to do. I worked hard to get to where I am at now. And I know this is just the beginning. This was one of my goals in life and I am conquering it more than anything and it feels great!

Everyone is born with dreams, everyone is destined to do something great in their life, but it is only up to YOU to make things happen!

Think about that quote, and go out there and make things happen in your life.

Follow your dreams, and make your passion last a lifetime!

xoxo. Love

tasha marie

Friday, November 20, 2009

Pin up look - Tasha Marie style.

This is my pin-up look. My style though :) I didn't have the typical red bandana but my awesome zebra looking bandana worked out great :) I'll jot down the makeup I used a little later :)

Hope everyone is having an amaziiing day today!

Those are my favoriiiite earrings in the world :]
I wear them constantly.

The end.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

My 1st tattoo...&& not the last...

Hello gorgeous bloggers.

I got this awesome tattoo this past summer in California :) Just thought I'd show you all.
It hurt like HELL. But thankfully, the guy tattooing me was awesome! He talked me the whole way through it :)

I got "La Bella Vita" which in Italian means the beautiful life.

I am obsessed with life quotes, and I am a very positive person. I believe life is beautiful & every single day I am so thankful for the littlest things! Life is so short, and it is so scared to think that you never really know when you last day can be. I cherish everything about my life, and I hope you all do too :) Life is so beautiful when you think about, even the smallest things. Such as a sunset, the beach, watching kids laugh, old people walking together and still holding hands :) I enjoy the little things, this is why I decided to get this tattooed on me :)
I designed the lettering && the cute little heart around it:)

xoxo. Tasha Marie.

Dreams can happen <3 <3


I recently JUST got hired to shoot my very 1st WEDDING - how amaziiiing is that!!! It happened a few weeks ago but I have been just SO busy with college right now. So, next Saturday 11/28 I am going to be shooting my very 1st wedding. I can't believe it. This is just amazing. I am so proud of my accomplishments lately, I feel I am capable of doing EVERYTHING && ANYTHING that I want in liiiifee !!!

&& YOU ARE ABLE TO DO THE SAME :) This couple fell in loveee with the engagement photos I took of them, I will post some here at the bottom. They actually had ALREADY had a wedding photographer, but wanted me instead :)

I can't believe this is happening. A real wedding, and I am going to be in charge in taking wonderful photos that will last a life time !

-On my facebook (ADD ME :)) once I posted it on my status, I got SO MANY great messages. Telling me how I am inspiring people to go AFTER THEIR DREAMS, no matter what anyone thinks :)

I feel on top of the world. Back in my past when I was dating horrible jerk guys, they thought I would get NO WHERE with photography they would straight out say "your not going anywhere with JUST photography!" ha. in your face boys :)

I am soooo exciiited !! I just recently went to check out the church ! So great. It felt so good to hear them introducing me as "this is the photographer for our wedding!"

I hope each && everyone of you all believe in yourself and know you are determined to do anything you want in this world. I pushed myself, and got so mmuch work done, and now the time is here - shooting my 1st wedding, this is going to open a lot of doors for me ! God forbid :)

Here are a few photos from the enegagement photo shoot I did with the couple :)

Check them out && let me know what you think of my work..

I hope each && everyone of you all believe in yourself and know you are determined to do anything you want in this world. I pushed myself, and got so mmuch work done, and now the time is here - shooting my 1st wedding, this is going to open a lot of doors for me ! God forbid :)

Doing the impossible is worthwhile. I would have never thought in a million years @ 22 I would be shooting my very 1st wedding. This is my DREAM!!!!

it is ALL slowly happening because I WANT it to happen, I have the determination to do this && I'm not stopping till I get there :)

I believe every SINGLE PERSON in the world is DESTINED to do some INCREDIBLE things in their life, but I also believe it's up to YOU to make things HAPPEN.

hope everyone has the GREATEST day today!!!


YOU are capable of ANYTHING :)


comments make me smille.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

..&& I still keep shopping.

This is my very packed closet. I went shopping yesterday & bought a ton of new things. haa. I wish I had a bigger closet, when we first moved in here this was the biggest walk in closet I was like OMG I'm like ..why can't I have Carrie's closet from Sex & the City :) I used to have it VERY color organized, but it's hard to keep it sooo neat ha. I try sometimes, you may realize I have a lot of black, my last job required us to wear black all the time. First I hated it, then I loved it because I got to dress it up with fun accessories & fun makeup. I am a shopping addict, and bargain prices are the best ! ha. My friends love my clothes & come raid it every change they get :) I like having a lot of everything, and it's so hard for me to get rid of clothes lol. I always end up saying .."well, maybe one day I'll use it" . Plus, on my photoshoots I take tons of my clothes so it all works out great :] I even have clothes foled on the TOP of my closet && in those clear containers lol. Plus, I have two more drawers full of clothes . my boyfriend is always like "babe you don't need all this clothes, you have a full closet at home". awe what a sweetheart :)
How does your closet look?
Is it as packed as mine ?


These are my favorite rings EVER.
The first one was a gift, it's sooo sprakly I loveee it :)
I wear my rings on my middle finger for some strange reason.
Plus when I'm doing makeup on people I always get fun compliments.
The 2nd ring is sooo vintage :) It was my grandmas from yearssss ago.
I wear it out on nights because it's very shiny.
The 3rd one is my Betsey Johnson ring. it's a cute little bow.
The 4th one, don't be scared of it, it was a gift from my bf. He got it for me from a NYC vintage shop.
I love anthing vintage.
I love items that not a lot of people would wear :)
I love unique things.
I love this ring, is'nt is sooo different :) Some of my friends were like omg it looks scary haa.
I love it, it was pretty pricey too.
It was te best little surprise gift.

I have soooo many rings & earrings & necklaces it's unreal !

If you guys would like me to snap some shots of my MILLIONS of accessories, post a comment and I totally will :]

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day today.
I have been so grateful lately for the littlest things.
When the holidays come up, I feel so thankful & blessed for EVERYTHING.

So anytime you guys are feeling a little down, think of everything around you... your house, family, friends, those are the most important things in life.

"Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you will look back and realize they meant the world "

Mommy's job is fun.

These are lovely give a ways my Mommy always comes home with :) I loveeeee it lol. I never run out of anything, and I always have good perfume to just throw in my purse to touch ups later :) Even that really bright green recycling bag :) I can def. use it for beach days! I love it.

Just thought I'd share this with you bloggers.

I'm a photo addict.

& I love taking photos of EVERYTHING.

hope everyone is having a wonderful day today!

xoxo. Tasha Marie

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happiness is amazing.

..because everyone is capable of doing anything in the world that you want to do. I love getting wonderful feedback on here, to my email, and on my facebook page hearing everyone's dreams and passions in life. I have never been so excited for my future, never in a million years would I have thought I'd be getting so much work done with my photography. It's a dream finally coming true. I hope everyone takes the opportunity to think about what you want in life, and go after it no matter how hard it may seem.

Everything and anything is possible if you have the determination.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

New shoes always make me happy, taking photos of them is fun too :)

So these - very sexy high heels :) Just bought them yesterday, had a girls night out and wow they didn't hurt at all.. THANKS TO DR.SCHOLLS :) I felt so tall and sexy, and EVERY girl should always feel like that :)

My lovely new vintage flats. They were so cute, I just had to take a few photos :)
I loveeee vintage.
Anything vintage.
I want it all :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Natural Wavy Hair..

I am OBSESSED with TRESemme products. I go crazy with out it. It does WONDERS. I use the FLAWLESS curls.. and wow. I've tried all the other shampoos but this one always does the work for me. My natural hair (pics below) is fun and wavy.. other shampoos leave it completely dried out and FRIZZZZY, but the moose I use as well , is AMAZIIIING. I even use their leave in conditioner. I recommened it to everyone who has natural wavy hair, my hair is always so shiny and NOT frizzy after I use this amazing products :) Plus, the bottles are always so big and last a good amount of time :]

My natural hair.
I like the "bed head - messy yet cute" hairstlye.


..I have some of the biggest dreams you could ever imagine..

I believe everyone has dreams that they hope to accomplish one day. My dream is slowly happening. My photography is taking off and I have been getting so much work done lately. The feeling is amazing. I was born to do this. Photography is my passion. I want this so bad and I'm going to after it no matter what :] Lately, I have been getting a few amazing messages on my Facebook or Myspace girls letting me know I am inspiring them to go after your dreams no matter what. I love knowing I am actually touching the lives of a few people. It makes me sad when I know people have so many dreams and goals they want to accomplish in life and aren't doing a thing about it. You have to go after what you want, because no one can make it happen but YOURSELF, and when you finally take little baby steps and slowly get to your dream - I promise you the feeling is unexplainable. Anything is possible. I want eveyone to know that :] Everyone is capable of something, everyone is placed on this earth with a talent that can change the world...

What is your dream ?

Have a lovely day everyone.

& start going after your dreams.

How lovely makeup can be . . .

...because she chooses to see the WORLD in bold bright colors...

- you are all beautiful ladies :]
- go out && give yourself a random shopping spree, just because .

have a lovely day!