Friday, July 22, 2011

A lovely wedding...

Hello cutie pies! Not too long ago I attended a beautiful wedding :) For once, I wasn't the crazy photographer running around...I got to ENJOY it ! It was a BLAST..I wish I would have gotten MORE photos on my ENTIRE beautiful dress - but I was on the dance floor way too much that I didn't get a complete shot of my dress :( But I wanted to show you all my makeup, hair, and half of my dress - ha. I did my own makeup ...along with 5 other girls' makeup :) I kept it classy.. thick eyeliner.. some shimmer..and sexy red lips.. My dress is Gianni Bini was only 30 bucks on clearance (amazing) && Jessica Simpson shoes.. (that I didn't take a photo of ..Bad Tasha!)

Photo up above was a close up of my hair && makeup :) I kept my hair very simple as well since my dress had a lot of attention to the (boob part) haa. I did black nailpolish and a gorgeous ring that you don't get to see in the photo.. lol..

&& this was how the wedding ended.. My friends && I went a LITTLE bit crazy in the photobooth :) ..excuse my strange faces.. it was a blast.. it's photos like these that make my heart jump for joy!


"This life is far more beautiful than you can ever imagine..."

The beauty of photography.

Hello my little beauties :)

This is just a randon post.. aren't these photos lovely. If you have been following my blog - you will have noticed I have a huge OBSESSION with photography - not only am I obsessed with it, I am also a professional photographer as well :) These are random photos I have on my desktop & thought I'd share with you.

I take photos of everything & anything. I write down everything & anything. I save everything & anything. I want to remember EVERYTHING..I want my future kids to know the life I lived & how I viewd the world through my camera :) I think it's so important to memories, LOTS of them.. without memories life would be so boring.

Hope you all are having a fantastic day!


Natasha Marie

The happiest people are not the ones who have everything. They are the ones who make the best of everything.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blog lovin'

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Life is beautiful, embrace it every single day.

Check out this lovely site ladies.

(image from google:))

Hello sweethearts xoxo,

I was contacted by a nice employee of this new site and asked me to check out this new website that has just launched. I was very impressed! I wanted to blog to you ladies about and you girls can check it out for yourself :) I will post a link at the bottom on this page so you're able to click on it :) This website is the largest directories of beauticians in the U.S.- how amazing is that !
With this site you are able to search for a beautician not only towards hair...but towards waxing, facials, air brushing, clothing experts, beauty, fitness, and health. It allows individuals with a passion of what they do to let the the online world know of their work and you are also able to view others comments and even set up an appointment :) Check it out ladies, it really should be a website that more individuals are aware of - I think it's great.

Here's the link that will take you to it.

Lots of love,


What a lovely day.

Hello, my lovely ladies.

I love quotes, I love my quotes, quotes truly can sometimes get me through the day. You know when you're having an off day && read a quote and all of a sudden everything just seems better - that's why I love them :) I have this notebook FULL OF QUOTES - I've had it for almost 10 years, it's full of memories, heartbreak, scars, and love. Every single quote in there is in there for a reason - I love it, I also have some of my favorite photos in there as well :) I can post a few photos of my quotebook if you girls would like just let me know :)

Today has been wonderful, I woke up in such a happy mood, I've realized how lucky and blessed I am with everything around me and there should never be a day with a frown on :)

Tasha Marie

"Lessons of life show us all in time "

Monday, July 18, 2011

the boy that saved my heart.

Hello my lovely ladies,

I wanted to share some photos of the love of my life with you all. If you have have kept up with my blog for the past couple of months you saw that I went through a very terrible abusive breakup... my world was crushed && I was humiliated in thousands of ways. And then this boy showed up into my life and completely swept me off my feet. I thank God for this man every single day.. it's been 7 and a half months that we've been together and everyday I'm on cloud 9. He's the sweetest man that has ever been in my life. I want to marry this boy, I want to be at his side forever. He's my angel :) He proved to be that a TRUE man will do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING and wait till your heart is ready to be with someone. I have gone through so much with past boys and with him it's so simple - I feel love should always be that way - simple, not complicated. I've learned so much in my past relationships... I'm loving him as if he was the only boy to ever be in my life. I have also realized how short life is and you never know when something can happen. I tell him daily how much I cherish and love him. & he knows it.

The end.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Black && Blue party, (: OFOTN =oufit of the night :)

Hey dolls! I'm alive :) & I miss blogging and reading all of your wonderful blogs! A while back I had a black & blue birthday party to attend. First off, I LOVE dressing up. My friends && family always tell me "you're always so dressed up!!" Honestly, I think it's better to always be over dressed than under dressed :) It's a great compliment. Anywho, here are a few photos from the fabulous party. I purchased my dress at Forever21 for only 21.50 :) That's a deal ! I was in love with it and felt so comfortable in it, I never buy something if I know I won't feel 100% comfortable in it :) I paired it with my lovely high heels & blue nail polish. Here are a few photos of my crazy friends & I. Enjoy the photos! Leave me love && any questions feel free to email :)

Leave me your lovely feedback,
Tasha Marie

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