Sunday, December 15, 2013

Naked 3 Palette - Love.

Oh, the Sephora emails that I love... "Naked 3 now for sale online!"

Literally, stopped what I was doing, signed on to Sephora, and then hit 'add to cart' 
That's a normal thing to do, right? :)

Urban Decay does it again, as always, another fantastic product. 

Wanna know something funny that happened while I was taking the above photo?

I was in my backyard in my pajamas taking photos for the blog & out of all the days in the month - my neighbor decides to get on his roof .... & looks at me like "what in the world are you doing?" He was probably so confused on why his neighbor was outside, in over size pajamas, (in the cold) taking photos of makeup....I just smiled.

Blogger problems! 

 Look at this beauty. 

The Naked 1 & 2 Palette are probably the two most used products I use, especially for all my clients & brides! I always end up taking most of my other palettes & MAC shadows but the Naked palettes always take the win! 

The one thing I love about #1 & #2 and now with #3...
I love that you can start with a day look & at the end of the day..glam it up with a night look with just one palette. They are also so travel friendly, before when I would pack I would never know which eyeshadows to take for a night look - now, this is all I pack. So convenient. I actually pack the palettes in my purse to prevent it from breaking in my bag! 

Now, let's take a look at the gorgeous shades!

The Naked 3 Palette definitely has more of a pinkish tone.
The colors in the Naked 1 & 2 have more of a golden/brown.

You can click on the photos to get a larger view of the shades! Do it! 

& the 2nd half of the palette. 
Blackheart is so gorgeous! Dark purple w/glitter. Love.

This palette comes with an eyebrush & samples of all the primers. 

The Urban Decay eye primer is my #1 primer, I use it on every single client! Lancome as well has a great primer, but Urban Decay is aways the first one I pick when it comes to the eyes! 

Once reason I love purchasing online at Sephora - samples! You don't get samples in the stores, so sometimes I prefer purchasing online if I want to try a product out :) 

Urban Decay has never let me down, I have always and will always recommend the Naked palettes, especially for anyone who is just beginning with makeup. I love that you get so many great colors & you can do countless looks with them! 

I can't wait to start doing looks with this new palette! 

Anyone get the Naked 3 yet? If you haven't, put it on your Christmas!


Can you believe there's only 10 more days till Christmas? WHAT !

"Believe you can, and you will" 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A look inside Loft..

 Hey loves!

Today was such a fabulous day! I had the chance to go on a little shopping spree all thanks to Loft. 

Working with them has been such a incredible experience! I picked out a new outfit, accessories, shorts, sweater, tights etc. It was every girls dream - go shopping! 

I'm so anxious and honored for their Grand Opening party this Thursday, all information is on my previous post! In today's quick blog post, I wanted to take you around the store to give you girls an idea of the clothing Loft has and different styles they offer!

Let's take a look on some of their styles!

Their style offers a unique combination of fashion, work, and flattering fit.

Loft has such a versatile style of clothing, I absolutely love that you can mix and match a casual top with a dressy skirt. 

One thing I loved: How picture perfect the store was, nothing makes a girl happy to shop than in such a clean atmosphere! And the mannequins outfits were on point ! Definitely gave me inspiration while on my shopping trip! 

It's that time of the year for cardigans, scarfs, and cute sweaters ! 

I love their style: so sleek & so professional!

I'm excited to share with you girls on a separate blog post, an outfit of the day using all Loft's clothing items! That's on my agenda for the week, so stay tuned! I loved everything I picked out, it was a little hard, because I WANTED EVERYTHING ;) 

I loved these cute t-shirts for those days you want to be comfy, yet stylish! 

 A huge thank you to Loft once again, for giving me this opportunity! 

& a little inspiration to all my big dreamers before I end this post..

What I keep learning more and more every day, if you constantly* work hard towards all your dreams - you will be awarded. 

We are all born with a talent, go out there and show the world what you are capable of doing. You only live once, if you let the fear of opinions of others get to your head, you will never conquer your dreams. You never know who is watching and you never know who you are inspiring! 

Friday, December 6, 2013

Grand Opening Party - Big News!

Hi beauties, 

I'm BEYOND excited about todays post ! I have been dying to share something with all my readers on all my social media networks! :) Today, I got the GREEN LIGHT!

I'm sure everyone has heard of Loft  their fashion clothing that is so professional yet so stylish?

Well, a few weeks ago I was contacted by Loft from Chicago with some wonderful news!

Loft will be hosting a GRAND OPENING PARTY at Sunrise Mall in Brownsville,Texas ... I get to be their featured blogger & Makeup Artist !

 *screams of excitement* 

What exactly will be at their Grand Opening Party?!?!?  
(what won't!) 




-10% on all sales that will be donated to Brownsville Junior Service League 

-Free Tote with gift with purchase

& ...drum roll please..

I will be there with my fabulous train case FULL of all my makeup goodies to provide complimentary touch ups for customers shopping and wanting to glam up their lips or eyes! 

I'm SO thrilled and so grateful for this opportunity! I can't thank them enough for choosing me to do this with their team! Loft has been so incredible to work it. They made this entire process so much fun! There's nothing more rewarding than working with professional individuals! 

They were SO very generous to send me a gift card to go shopping & pick out a special outfit for the event. I can't wait to blog about the clothing items I picked & can't wait to do a different blog post over an outfit of the day including all items from Loft. 

This special invite is for the whole community - it's going to be such a fun event! 
You don't want to miss out !

I can't wait for this event and I can't wait to capture everything on my camera and share it all in my blog post!

 I know it's going to be amazing! I am truly grateful for this opportunity! 

Hope to see ALL of you there!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hello Beauties! 

Happy beginning of the week! A new start of the week - full of busy days, work, school, wedding planning :) etc. Remember - just do one task at a time, it works all the time.

It's one of my favorite days of the week  - new Gel Manicure time! Given by the famous, Carriage House Day Spa. There's just something about having that pretty manicure every girl loves. Makes you feel so polished and so feminine. 

I am love love loving this Gel Manicure this week - the color is so simple and goes so well with everything. Just because it's Fall - it doesn't mean you HAVE to wear the darkest shades in your collection. This week we went with a nude light pinkish color. I just love how soft it looks on my hands. We also decided on trimming down my nails a bit because they were getting long, and they feel so healthy now! If you wear contacts like myself, then you know it's definitely not fun trying to put on your contacts when your nails are getting too long. Ouch! 

What colors are you loving lately for your nails?

I've had lots of great compliments on the new blog makeover - a huge thank you to my followers on here & my IG :) You girls are amazing.

Until next post lovelies,

'Success comes to those who word hard on a daily basis'

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

NEW Blog Makeover!

Hello my beauties! 

It's been a while since my last blog post blog has been under construction! 

My blog got a new MAKEOVER! Including: New banner, background, and signature! 
I'm in LOVE.

& ALL the credit goes to my fabulous Gena M. aka GlamMeUp8 on YouTube,

 if you haven't check out her videos - you are missing out on some of my favorite beauty & fashion videos! 

Here is a direct link to her YouTube channel - Gena M. 

Why I wanted a new makeover?

I have been receiving some pretty amazing opportunities lately and I was ready to take my blog to a more professional level, yet still have my girly style to it.

Why I chose Gena M. ?

If you have seen her Blog Design page then you will know why I wanted her to do this for me! She is so talented at what she does and she's big on detail - which I LOVE.  She was so easy and fun to work with, she gave me exactly what I wanted and more. Half of the time I told her "do whatever you want to it, I trust yaaa!" and she did and I was MORE than impressed with her work. She's a pro at this, I would have never even known how to start designing my own background and banner! She's amazing! She would make sure to send me samples to see if I loved it, wanted a color different, or wanted any changes at all.  I was one happy customer! :)

Check out her Blog Design page - Get Glammed Up Designs You will be amazed at everything she is capable of doing! 

Here is a direct link to all her services! Can you say amazing?

I'm so excited to start blogging more now! This makeover makes me love my blog even more! 

Are you all loving it as much as I do?

Now my blog looks so alive with all the colors! It's perfect and I can't thank Gena enough! She's definitely my go to girl anytime I have questions about fixing my blog! 

If you girls ever want a blog makeover - now you know where to go!

Get ready for MORE BLOG POSTS coming soon!

I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays with your family!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Fall Fashion Inspiration

Hey lovelies! 

How are all my readers doing this week? 

I'm excited to share some new fashion inspiration for some new clothing items that The Carriage House Day Spa just got in today..

Let's get started! 

This week, The Carriage House Day Spa got in these gorgeous Fall blouses that you can do so much with! The fabric on these are unbelievably soft ! That was the first thing that really caught my attention & had me saying "ommggg!" 

Nothing makes me more happy about a clothing item that is so versatile!
The weather was gorgeous this day so we thought - let's have a little photo shoot for our readers!
I wanted to share my thoughts with you on the different ways that you can pair this outfit together - whether you are in a comfy mood or want to dress it up a bit and hit the streets for a fun night out in town!

What do I love about these new items?
1.) Comfort is #1 in my book and this is definitely a winner on comfort.
2.) Versatile; dress it up or dress it down - you can rock this outfit in many ways.
3.) Light weight material. A heavy outfit never feels good on, these pieces are so light weight that you will never feel hot wearing this. 
4.) Fall shades - Who doesn't love Fall colors!?! 
5.) Affordable - if you love bargains as much as I do, you'll love the price on these! 

What can you pair these with?

1.) Boots.
2.) Heels.
3.) Skinny jeans.
4.) Tights.
5.) Ballet flats.

I love that you can easily turn this outfit from DAY to NIGHT.


Simple. During a cool day you can pair these tops with some leggings, high bun, and some of your favorite ballet flats. Ready to turn into night time? Let the bun down, put on some bright red lipstick, and add your favorite heels! 

Take a look at the rest of the designs they got in as well...

Which is your favorite look?

How would you pair these tops?

I would LOVE to know your thoughts on them as well. Leave me your feedback down below and I will get back to you! 

If you haven't already check out The Carriage House Day Spa  on Facebook where you will find all my weekly manicure photos & daily updates on the Spa! 

Hope you all enjoyed this post and got some inspiration. 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Beauty tricks using a toothbrush!

Hello beauties! 
How is everyones week going by so far? Can you believe it's already October?!?! Life is going by way too fast ! 

This post we will talk about...toothbrushes. That's right, toothbrushes! 
Beauty tricks that involve an extra toothbrush you may have just laying around the house!

Now, don't think you have to go out and spend your money to purchase a name brand toothbrush, head on over to your dollar store! Any toothbrush will do. If you have an extra one in your bathroom, you're good to go!

Exfoliating your lips. (MY FAVORITE)

I do this every single night, you lips feel so good after! Once I'm done brushing my teeth, I rinse off my toothbrush and add just a little more toothpaste to it and gently brush my lips (only for a few seconds you want to do this) this not only helps to exfoliate and get rid of dead skin on your lips but helps get rid of all the junk your lips have had all day long (goobye bateria! yuck) You can use this technique OR add for your favorite lip balm to your lips and gently scrub away with your toothbrush! Another technique, if your lips are in need of some major loving - add some sugar to you lips and scrub away, it will make the perfect exfoliator! 
Once you're done with any technique you decide to use - add some lip balm and your lips will feel as soft as a babies skin!

Tame those brows!

Before you decide to pluck, trim, or even wax your own eyebrows - grab your toothbrush and gently comb out your brows. You will be able to see which hairs got to go and which ones need to stay!
I suggest to keep your 'makeup beauty toothbrush' safe and separate from your daily toothbrush you use for your teeth, you don't want to accidentally grab the wrong one (eww) 

Touching up your roots!
A girl's hair has to look in check doesn't yet?

For all you girls out there that touch up your own hair at home, this is one is for you!
A root touch up is the perfect way to keep your hair looking healthy and beautiful~

Once you add your color to your roots, grab your separate toothbrush to comb out and make sure all your roots are covered! Using a toothbrush will make sure you don't miss any white hairs!

Smooth away those baby hairs!
We all have those little baby hairs that never seem to stay down! Got your toothbrush ready? Spray your favorite hair spray on your toothbrush and apply directly to your fly aways - using the toothbrush will make sure those little hairs will be taken care of and stay in place! This works perfect for you girls that aren't hair spray fans but still need a little more protection for your fly aways! 

Applying dry shampoo!
Dry shampoo is the perfect way to help get rid of built up oil on your hair, if you don't want to get the white residue on your normal hair brush this is where the toothbrush comes in handy!
After applying your dry shampoo and letting it sink it, grab your toothbrush to brush it all out.
Pretty simple, huh?

Who would have thought having an extra toothbrush laying around the house would come in handy?
Do you have any beauty tricks you would like to share using a toothbrush? Leave me a comment down below to share yours!

Hope you all enjoyed this post, if you all decide to use any of these tricks - let me know, I would loveeee to hear your experience!

Hope you all have a beautiful and blessed week!

"Every single person was given a talent, but it is up to you to decide what you do with it.."

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My first professional facial and thoughts!

hello beautiful readers of mine! 

Let's take a survey - how many of you girls have had a professional facial treatment done before? 

Don't be afraid to say NEVER, because before about a week ago it was my very first time! Yes, this beauty blogger that is obsessed with trying out new products, giving my reviews, showing you the latest and newest products, talks about how important it is to take care of your skin...had never had a full on professional facial treatment done! (slaps face) If you have had one before, good girl! If you haven't - I suggest to pause from reading, pick up your phone, and call the nearest spa around wherever you live! 

Now let's talk about my experience!

Of course, the only place I trust is the Spa I am affiliated it - The Carriage House Day Spa.
It's heaven on earth as soon we you walk inside. 

My face needed a little pampering, it was acting up with blackheads and blemishes. Now, just because I'm a beauty blogger & makeup artist does not mean my skin is perfect - it is far from that. On my monthly visit from the fairy - my skin acts up a lot, when I sweat a lot from working out my face can turn blehhh, which is why I always try my very best to deep clean my face every single night with my night routine and it helps wonders! But, every once in a while a good deep clean professionally can help even more!

We decided it would be best for me to try out the Deep Pore Cleansing Facial. 
One word: WOW. 

Here is the description over the facial I got that day:

"Ideal for oily and/ or acne prone skin. The use of Red Algae, Hawaiian seaweed and French Green Algae help to exfoliate and purify clogged pores. The specifically designed marine based deep pore cleansing treatment will help balance problem skin and control excess oil production."

Sounds intriguing huh?

If you get a facial at The Carriage House Day Spa - your face is left in the hands of Rosie, she is a goddess that does wonders with her hands. I'm not even exaggerating - she is legit. She is so passionate about her job, it shows in her work! She makes you feel so at ease and comfortable! 

At the end of your facial, she massages your whole face that literally makes you feel like you forget where you are! 

Why is it important to get a facial at least every month?

The benefits of facial massages go beyond just feeling good. These techniques help release tension, boost circulation and assist in ridding the skin of impurities. In addition, facial massages have been found to lessen the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

If you want your face to stay looking healthy, glowing, and wrinkle free - deep cleaning your face will keep you on that path. I couldn't believe I missed out on that all my life. 

The steam on your face, the removal of blackheads (sounds gross, BUT you gotta do it girlfriend!) the use of the clarisonic, the special creams, the massage of your face - the list can go on and on but none of this will truly make sense unless you are laying down and getting one for yourself.

I came home that day jumping for joy and doing cartwheels all in the living room because my face felt like a babies bottom. I told my fiance he NEEDS to get one. Yes, facials are not just for women, men need pampering too! :) The next day I woke up to my skin feeling so refreshed! I couldn't believe it, even the little blemishes I had on my face were quickly gone over night! You do see a little redness and bumps from your facial if you have blackheads that need to be removed (oh I had some!) The mini bumps - which is completely normal because your skin just went through a roller coaster of heaven sent products and your face needs to absorb everything. 

After your facial it is best to let your face breathe for the rest of the day AKA: no makeup, no creams, no nothing. The way you leave the Spa you let your face take everything in and relax. I suggest you getting a facial on a day you have not a lot planned in the evening - that way you can just get home, put on your favorite pajamas, sit on the couch with some hot green tea and enjoy your shows recorded on the tv! 

I now will make sure to get a facial every month~ 
We are only young once and right now is the best time to take care of your skin!

What was your facial experience like ? 
Did you love it as much as I did?

and for those who haven't experienced it - I highly suggest it girls!

Until next time lovlies! Have a beautiful day!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

NEW Sigma brushes & makeup talk!

hi lovelies! 

I'm back! It feels like I haven't blogged lately because my weeks have been super busy! I actually have 3 blog posts saved in my draft to work on soon! :) 
How are all my readers doing?!?

Well, about 2 weeks ago a beautiful package was sitting at my front door step! NEW Sigma brushes! (jumps for joy!) I had been wanting a set of Sigma brushes for a while and finally pushed "add to cart," & I'm so happy I did! There were so many different collections to choose from, girl problems, but I ended up going with the 'Make Me Blush' essential kit! These brushes are a dark pink color but on photos they come up a bit red. I love the quality of these brushes!

Now, they have a new home with the rest of my brushes.......

You're probably asking yourself "why do you need soooo many brushes?" because I get that question many times! And I will answer that down below! I took photos of me opening up the product that way if you are interested in purchasing a new set of brushes you'll have any idea of what's in store!

The new home for my brushes.

Everything was packaged so well, that's always a huge plus for me when it comes to ordering online! It shows the company truly takes the time to get your product ready! 
(I'm not going to lie....I was also hoping no one would steal this from my door way since I wasn't home for the entire day the day it was delivered) Yay!

You also get a little brochure to view the rest of the brush kits, which is really good to have...since I will probably want to order more soon! (oops!)

& here they are! So well put together, love love love.

& this is the holder it comes with - which I love because you can put your dirty brushes in one and leave the clean ones in the other. It helps your brushes from gathering bacteria from the dirty ones. Plus, they are sooo easy to take with you for traveling or freelance!

The # 1 questions I get asked a lot "why do you need so many brushes?" 

As a freelance makeup artist, you tend to start collecting different types of brands to find out which one works best for you and which ones will work best for your clients. The brushes I use on myself are different then the ones I use on my clients. I have my own set and all my other variety of brushes are put to good use on my clients :) I wanted a new set of professional brushes that are easy for me to grab and go! With this holder the Sigma brushes come in - it makes it so easy to put them all inside, close up,  and head off to my clients! I've always put these new brushes to use on clients & I am a happy camper! Having a set of brushes also looks very professional when you're on the job and they are so easy to grab while they are in the holder! A little tip I normally do while freelancing, put aside the dirty brushes you are using on your client and at the end of the session keep them separated to reduce gathering any germs on your clean brushes! 

What are some of your favorite makeup brushes?